Film Session: Louisville

  • 12/10/2018 8:07 am in

Phinisee picks up Cunningham in the backcourt as he raises his hands to the crowd:

As Cunningham drives left, Phinisee sticks right on him, not giving him any space:

He passes the ball to McMahon:

With McMahon bringing the ball to the other side of the court, Dwayne Sutton starts to cut up from the basket to receive a screen:

Enoch sets it for him and he come around it. McMahon looks for him to the right:

But as McRoberts hounds him, McMahon tries passing the ball left instead:

He’s off balance and it allows Langford to swipe the ball for the steal:

Langford gets ahead of the pack in transition and has two Cardinals on the chase:

He lays it in for two points as the Hoosiers take the 57-56 lead:

This steal came right after Langford missed two straight free throws, showing the freshman didn’t lose focus on the other end despite the 0-2 trip to the line.


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