IU, Big Ten centric notes from the Blue Ribbon college basketball yearbook

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The fourth college basketball yearbook published this fall, the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, was released this week.

After being picked to finish ninth in the Big Ten by Athlon Sports, 10th in the league by Street and Smith’s and 12th by Lindy’s Sports, Blue Ribbon projects the Hoosiers to finish 12th in the conference.

Here are some notes on Indiana and the Big Ten at-large from the annual publication:

· Blue Ribbon predicts the order of finish in the Big Ten as follows: Michigan State, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, Illinois, Ohio State, Indiana, Nebraska and Rutgers.

· In the Blue Ribbon preseason top 25, the Big Ten teams are Michigan State (2), Purdue (14), Minnesota (18) and Northwestern (23).

· Indiana non-conference opponents in Blue Ribbon preseason top 25 include: Duke (3), Louisville (6), Seton Hall (15) and Notre Dame (19).

· Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ is preseason first team All-America by Blue Ribbon and Michigan State’s Miles Bridges is second team. The first team is Happ, Jock Landale (St. Mary’s), Bonzie Colson (Notre Dame), Michael Porter Jr. (Missouri) and Grayson Allen (Duke).

· Happ is Blue Ribbon’s pick for Big Ten player of the year and Michigan’s Jaaron Simmons is the pick for conference newcomer of the year.

· The preseason all-conference team is Happ, Bridges, Bryant McIntosh (Northwestern), Vincent Edwards (Purdue) and Nate Mason (Minnesota).

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  • JethroTroll

    Personally, I’ve never understood this type of rationale. A meaningless preseason ranking cant possibly hurt or help a team. The team is going to be what it is, regardless of what Blue Ribbon, Athlon, Lundy, ESPN, CBS or anybody else thinks.
    Now, we can argue over the merits of preseason rankings, and I personally don’t see IU finishing 12th in the B1G this year. As I’ve said before, anybody that thinks OSU is better than IU is grossly misinformed.
    I think IU will be in the mix for an NCAA bid this year, but most importantly, we’ll see what Archie’s about hear at IU. His teams will play hard and smart, with an emphasis on defense and protecting the ball. It will be a harbinger on what’s coming. And what’s coming is very good.

  • Neil Dixon

    If these people actually think IU is going to finish as low as they have them, I think they need to stop smoking that weed.
    Purdue #2? They have go to be kidding. And the others. They have IU picked to place like the team they were back in 2009 or 2010. This team is very experienced, very talented and with a defensive minded coach like Miller, will be a team that these other Big 10 teams are not going to want to play.
    These so called “experts” get out a calculator and look at starters and returning scoring etc. and come up with their “brilliant” analysis.
    Justin Smith is going to be a stud and you can take that to the bank. Michigan State is going to be good but not as good as some of these “experts” think they will. Ohio State sucked last year and they aren’t as good this year. They were stupid enough to fire Matta, which they will learn, about four or five games into the season. Simply getting Butlers coach will not be enough.