Film Session: Texas Southern

  • 11/19/2014 9:06 am in

IV. Not much later in the second half, and here it is again on the opposite side of the court: Johnson shading more towards the top of the key with the ballhandler on the left wing:


He also overanticipates on the ball screen and the screener has the opportunity to actually get in front of Johnson’s body north-south instead of from side-to-side on the perimeter. And the ballhandler simply takes the huge amount of space Indiana’s defense gives him:


Zeisloft doesn’t give much resistance and Texas Southern gets to the “G” inside the paint:


And rises, fires and hits with no Hoosier giving any sort of pressure on the shot:



Simply put: Indiana’s decision to give Texas Southern a ton of driving space on the wing resulted in a number of good looks early in the second half.

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