Film Session: Texas Southern

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III. Like Johnson before him, Ferrell is again giving the Tigers ballhandler plenty of room to his right in the two-man game:


He simply takes it right to Mosquera-Perea with Ferrell trailing behind:


He’s past Mosquera-Perea with Ferrell having no shot at altering the lay-up:


Mosquera-Perea tries for the block again, but he can’t get them all and it’s two points for Texas Southern:



Ferrell’s defense was even more pronounced to the left side of the ballhandler than Johnson’s on this one.

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  • ForeverIU

    Thanks, Ryan. I hope our team is scrutinizing the video. No wonder Hanner looked a little winded, cleaning up some defensive messes.

  • funkycfunkydo

    #2 two is not a good clip of JBJ. He goes for a steal that makes him the last one coming back in transition and he’s not even sprinting. Then he gets caught ball watching on Hanner’s block instead of ever finding a man on defense.

  • Arch Puddington

    JBJ is an elite scorer, but his defense is a substantial liability. He gets beaten off the dribble repeatedly. He does not have quick feet, and he is often imbalanced because he tends to lean into his man. If what we have seen thus far is any indication, the bigger, faster guards of the B1G will eat him alive.

    I certainly won’t make any definitive statements after just two games, but I will be interested to see how JBJ and SR are used now that the lineup is back to full strength. As great as JBJ is, there is an argument to be made that Stan fills a bigger need. We have other shooters and scorers, but we are desperate for perimeter defense. JBJ will start, as he should, but down the stretch of close games I won’t be a bit surprised if JBJ is out and Stan is in. Between his defense and his ability to get to the line, he may be a better closer than JBJ right now.

  • HoosierBuddy

    This just in now that the roster is almost back to full strength IU will utilize a platoon system on thursday night vs SMU subbing five at a time. Just playing. Even though we almost could. Any who going back to real discussion, Looking forward to the SMU game. I think this is how its going to go. Starters will be yogi jbj rob troy and Hanner. 1st man off the bench will be stan followed by nick to relieve yogi and rj and jbj. One of those three will be on court at all times. CH and Mh will come in spelling TW. And holt and a little of priller will come in to relieve hanner. I think that is the best way to utilize our team but thats just my 2 cents. Thoughts……..

  • HoosierBuddy

    Also did anyone see the shirts UK fans were wearing in Indy. I got upset and for good reason. It had “UK Finally good basketball in Indiana” I hope somehow someway we meet them in the tourney and put there pants on. That would make my whole year.

  • Lance76

    Perimeter defense seems to need help. Does anyone think that players are instructed to force offense to baseline? I believe the RMK days players would keep ball out of paint, aid in help defense and try to stagnate offense by keeping ball on one side of court.

  • oldiugymnast

    I think JBJ has a chance to be a good defender. He looks slower than he is because he seems to be getting caught on his heels or leaning too far forward. From what I hear from all my Ft. Wayne peeps is he was coached to not worry about D in HS by his dad. It is unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean he can’t figure it out. The big questions are whether or not he will make playing D a focus for himself – and how quickly will he learn!

  • oldiugymnast

    They run a trap and force people to the baseline. It might work if the help comes at the right time, but it hasn’t been.

  • Caldy

    IU was attempting “ICE” or “Blue” P&Rs. For an explanation see here:

    and here:

    We will likely see more of this as Perea hasn’t been effective in other P&R defensive options such as hedging, switching, etc. And having him away from the rim, if we were using other options, would take away our best rebounder which teams would take advantage of. Most teams will counter ICE by attacking Perea directly as Texas Southern did, or they will utilize the Pick & Pop with a “Big” shooter. Hopefully we’ve worked on our off-the-ball defensive rotations to defend against the Pick & Pop, or maybe Crean will opt not to ICE/Blue against teams with a Big/5-man who can shoot well from the perimeter.
    But I expect to see a lot of this during the year.

  • iubase

    HMP is playing well. The game is slowing down for him. He is better defensively and a lot better offensively. Great to see since his upside is yet to come. He is probably the best athlete we have had up front (count Vic and Troy more as wings).

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    going for blocks from behind will inevitably lead to fouls and out of rebounding position for Hanner.

  • Jrod

    Horrible defense when you get picked you don’t go straight to the guy picking you. You get into the guy you are gaurding. Way to much space between the ball handler and the defender.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Only two (2) things I know of that cannot be taught to a baller: height and quick. If you ain’t got it, you cannot learn it. But there are things that can be taught/learned to overcome a lack of either or both.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Having watched what they did with Kansas, I’d say that our chances of beating them this year would be about as good as Custer defeating Sitting Bull at the Little Big Horn.