Film Session: Texas Southern

  • 11/19/2014 9:06 am in

II. Texas Southern brings the ball up the court after a James Blackmon Jr. miss:


Johnson appears to have the ballhandler covered:


But on just a hesitation dribble, he shades hard to the left wing and allows the ballhandler a ton of space to get into the paint:


The ballhandler makes a move past Nick Zeisloft to the cup. But Mosquera-Perea — who was out on the perimeter in the last frame above, has come into the paint behind Zeisloft and starts his ascent for another block:


He gets it, though Texas Southern would still end up with a 3-pointer on this possession thanks to an imbalanced Indiana defense:



Here we again see Johnson not apply any in-front pressure to the ballhandler, and it’s another lay-up attempt Mosquera-Perea blocks.

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