Film Session: Late game miscues

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As we all know by now, Indiana melted down in the last few minutes on Wednesday night. It led to a crushing loss to Penn State and a potential bubble burst, depending on how the Hoosiers finish out the season.

While most gripes centered on turnovers and some stagnant offense, Indiana’s defense also broke down during the landslide.

A look at some defensive miscues and a couple turnovers from the closing minutes of the Penn State loss in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s one of Indiana’s five second calls. There’s a plan here to get someone open:


Evan Gordon cuts through to the ball, but he’s marked by Tim Frazier:


Gordon gets out of the space and now it’s Yogi Ferrell coming through as Sheehey tries to get him space with a pick on Geno Thorpe:


Ferrell appears open in front of Hollowell, but he opts not to make the pass:


Hollowell finds an open Noah Vonleh, but as he passes the ball in, the ref whistles for five seconds:


This is one of those lack of awareness plays. With Gordon and Ferrell swept through and Hollowell opting not to pass in to either, time was running out and he seemed not to have it on his radar.


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  • KmanCRK

    I definitely don’t like the play call for the 2nd out of bounds turnover by Sheehey. Why would you run a play where both guys roll to the far side when Sheehey is on the opposite side of the bucket? This doesn’t make any sense in terms of play calling. But the other mistakes I blame solely on the players. When you hold a team to 51 pts through 36 minutes, the defensive game plan was solid. These players need to get a killer instinct and learn not to panic at the end of a game. Last year’s team was the exact opposite, often pulling out the late game come back.

  • Hoosier Andy

    In your 2nd sequence, I’m still wondering why PSU was allowed to sub in the middle of an inbounds play without burning a timeout.

  • Lobills

    The main issue with both plays is the fact we have all of our players in the backcourt. This allows for limited floor space in which to screen and get open, relative ease to switch and/or trap should the pass be successfully inbounded due to all 5 defenders being in close proximity and just causes unnecessary congestion.

    There is absolutely zero reason for all 4 players to be in the backcourt. Spacing is vitally important on the offensive end. It’s almost as important for inbounding the ball vs a full court man press.

  • Lance

    Since we’re looking for someone to blame, I see a lot of Hollowell causing trouble here. (Then again, perhaps he shouldn’t have been in the game–maybe going with the starters at crunch time? You know, dance with the gal what brung ya?–who makes that decision, I wonder?)

    I also wonder why the refs don’t call the Lions for holding Sheehey. And did anybody else see only a four count on that first 5-second violation?

  • BeatWisconsin

    Geez guys, they ran a play, and Yogi got open! JH needs to throw the pass, even if it looked like the Penn State was going to climb onto Yogi’s back in desperation – refs always make that call in that situation. Yeah, Crean is not a great in game coach, but JH is an experienced AAU/ High School player that has been in that situation many times. Force the pass into Yogi – HE will get it or be fouled. The 5 second call is not a new concept in College, they have it in High School, AAU, middle school, and very likely the grade school where these guys played.

    On a related note – looks like Illinois and IU are going to finish at the bottom of the Big Ten. Is this really a huge surprise when you consider they are the two youngest teams in the Big Ten and two of the youngest teams in the Big Ten (not rocket science here with some many games decided by 5 points or less). Will anybody really be surprised when Illinois and IU are at the top of the Big ten in 2 years with “lots of experience.”

  • Lobills

    “I’d like to introduce you to my friends. This is Michigan. The tall gentlemen in the back is Kansas. Over to my right is Kentucky. And this guy right up front and center is Arizona.”

    All the aforementioned have experience levels on par with IU. We have an elite PG, a lottery pick big man and enough pieces surrounding them to be performing much better than we are. Youth/inexperience explains some of our issues, but there are many schools out there with similar circumstances that are fairing quite well.

  • CreamandCrimson

    That was incredibly puzzling…they stopped the play to allow PSU substitutions. That shouldn’t happen.

  • BeatWisconsin

    Yep, and if TW played like he did against Washington, we would be 7-4, not 4-7.

    IU will be decent next year (3rd or 4th in Big-Ten), and will be ranked No. 1 for at least a week 2 years from now.

  • Scooter

    Breaking news….Hanner was arrested for OWI. Perhaps the players who have not passed drug tests the past 2 years will be exposed as well. CTC cannot keep protecting theses kids and act like they are sitting the bench because they are not focused. He is creating a culture of no accountaiity. This would include himself since he points the fingerat the players after every loss.

  • Lobills

    So you think Vonleh is coming back next year? Highly unlikely IMO. And if he doesn’t there’s no way we sniff the top 4 of the B1G w/ our only big coming back being Perea.

  • Lobills

    Please enlighten as to players who have not passed drug tests. I’d assume you’re at least referring to JH this season. This is a much more plausible explanation for his 3 game sabbatical vs. having “focus issues”. That explanation never passed the smell test to me.

  • Roger Scott

    61 Sagarin and 96 RPI–pathetic!!! So let’s say, the 78th best team in the country. Hooray, we’re number 78!!! That is horrible!!! You can’t tell me we have the 78th best talent in the country on this team. I would contend that we have Top 25 talent on this team. Vonleh is projected at #7 or #8 in the NBA draft. Yogi is a McDonald’s All-American, who is playing very well. Sheehey has experience, hustle, and fearlessness. Stan Robinson and Troy Williams are extremely talented. Play those 5 the overwhelming majority of the minutes and stop the mind-boggling substitutions! Cut down on the turnovers and run some kind of half-court offense rather than looking lost. Are you telling me Coach Knight, Coach K, Coach Izzo, Coach Self, Coach Calipari, Coach Brad Stevens would be #78 with this talent?

  • dssnyder1

    there’s really no excuse for the way IU has performed this year. that said, I honestly believe there is hope for next year due to the fact that the
    the Hoosiers have been in every game they played except for maybe Michigan State. instead of a major overhaul they have to tweak this or that and they will be fine. of course it would help tremendously if Noah stays. I’m as frustrated with CTC as everybody else but I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel

  • Ole Man

    “That light is a train son, and you’re about to get run over.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  • Ole Man

    Actually, by metrics, MI is the youngest and IU is the second youngest. However, when you add in actual game experience, those positions are reversed.
    Don’t know where you got IL from.

  • Roger Scott

    I agree: if everyone comes back, IU will be top 10 in talent, but after 3 straight years now of underperforming based on talent, does that mean IU will be lucky to finish in the top 20 and get knocked out in the Sweet Sixteen? I love CTC as a person–seems like a wonderful guy. I also like his recruiting. I just don’t think he’s even an average coach. I don’t see IU ever making the Final 4 under him.

  • dssnyder1

    well played