Theo Pinson to announce decision on Wednesday

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042113ewerOne of Indiana’s top recruiting targets in the class of 2014 is ready to announce where he’ll attend college.

As first reported by Dave Telep of, Theo Pinson, a consensus five-star small forward from Wesleyan Christian Academy (N.C.) will make a verbal commitment on Wednesday afternoon at 12:15 p.m. at his school.

Pinson will choose from five schools: Duke, Georgetown, Indiana, Louisville and North Carolina. The 6-foot-5, 190-pound wing took an official visit to Bloomington last February for IU’s win over Michigan on ESPN College GameDay.

Indiana has pursued Pinson diligently in recent months, making several stops to see him lead Wesleyan Christian to a state championship in March. The Hoosiers staff also maintained a presence for many of Pinson’s games with the CP3 All-Stars in the two April evaluation periods.

Last weekend at EYBL Dallas, Pinson told Inside the Hall that he wasn’t ready to name a leader in his recruitment, but that IU was “looking good right now.”

Through 13 Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) games this spring, Pinson is averaging 13.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 2.2 steals per game. He’s shooting 45.4 percent from the field and 78.1 percent from the foul line.

Indiana has one commitment in the 2014 class — James Blackmon Jr.

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  • Wow -I hope we are still “looking good’ on Wednesday.

  • Ken

    Would love to have Theo become a Hoosier!

  • Robert Weber

    He could choose one of the other schools if he just wants a shot at a championship, but he’ll choose Indiana if he wants be a part of the best story college basketball has seen in years.

  • Kenneth234

    I love that he is ready to make his decision this early. Hopefully, he will be taking his talents to Bloomington in 2014. But if he is not, at least there is plenty of time to scramble and find someone else. But man do I want this to go IU’s way!

  • I shouldn’t get my hopes up on this one. The guy is in Duke/UNC country, and we’ve never had success there with 5-star recruits. But my hopes ARE up, and on Wednesday I’m going to check this site constantly for updates. Man I want him bad, as much as I want Exum and Russel for ’14.

  • IUeconAlum

    I’ve been to UNC and Duke and they got nothing on Assembly Hall. Maybe he’ll remember what IU did to UNC this past year. What a beat down.

  • Cameron Indoor stadium is smaller than our student section. It’s pathetic. But that’s not the point. Those f**kers have been able to steal Indiana kids, even Bloomington kids. Historically, we’ve not been successful recruiting from NC. I hope Theo can rewrite history.

  • Miamihoosier

    Getting Pinson would square us with North Carolina on losing Sean May….. After reading Vonleh has long term plans for college, a 2014 squad with Pinson, might be the most talented IU team we’ve ever had. Yogi and Blackmon, running with Vonleh, and Pinson? As Vitale would say, “Are you serious?”

  • Umm.. IU commitments come in bunches. First, Evan Gordon. Next.

  • Kelin Blab

    Hopefully this opens the floodgates to Goodluck joining him with this class.

  • Rantool

    Looks like a great fit for him at I.U., and don’t underestimate Coach Creans faith as a recruiting tool for Christian athletes? It would be a difference maker for me?

  • SCHoosier

    If IU gets him great..if not the early announcement would allow TC et al to move on to their next priority player. Pinson..being a native of NC obviously knows those Duke and NC well..but to commit with IU being his only official visit seems positive to me. Then again..I’m not “counting my chickens until they sign the LOI”. Goodluck Hoosiers..and yes the pun IS intended.

  • N71

    If you assume for a moment he commits to Indiana, considering James in already on board, and the existing team make-up, what’s the forecast for the remainder of the 2014 class?

  • Bfblog

    Hey stealth Dukie, go back to Durham.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    what a get this could be! and IU was his only official visit so i like our chances. lets hope for good news on wednesday. now lets get Goodluck…

  • WhatsUpKnight

    we’d be over-signed again at that point, right? not complaining, just curious. in fact, shouldn’t we have only one scholly open?

  • WhatsUpKnight

    hey, i take exception to that nickname! especially considering your guy couldn’t even get his team to the final four with 8 mcd all americans. haha

    and i think pinson is ours to lose. besides, we owe you guys one for plucking the plumlees from our backyard.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’d say we need some “Goodluck” and banners will hang themselves…. Comon’ Theo!

  • SCHoosier

    Estimated class is four (I think) Blackmon is committed..Pinson would make two with two spots left?? If you are going to over-commit..this is a group to do it with.

  • I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just dropped the “l” on a typo and meant “coo” to be “cool.”

  • Kid grew up a Duke fan, but a few months ago Dave Telep said IU has been recruiting him the hardest and are pushing for a commitment by the end of the Spring Evaluation Period.

  • Yes, only one spot left for ’14, but as CTC says, things always find a way to work themselves out. If we land Theo, I think CTC will still try to get a couple more, then “make things work.”

  • If he picks IU over those schools that means we are really back on track.

  • How reliable was the source?

  • HoosierTrav

    Pinson comes to Bloomington and we are going to have some serious athleticism and length on defense. I sure hope we really do have the inside track. I love the way this kid handles his business on the court and on social media. Lets add Goodluck and Exum.

  • b_side

    Not taking anything away from a potential Pinson verbal, but I’d say a #1 ranking last year and winning our first outright B1G title put the program back on track.

  • walton

    most anticipated recruit decision since Yogi in my opinion!

  • UNC and Duke would be close to home too.

  • We’ve lost a lot more Indiana kids than May to UNC and Duke

  • Ole Man

    Your hair dresser?

  • CreamandCrimson

    Hope he joins the Hoosiers and comes in to help us continue our climb back to the top. Best of luck to Theo Pinson, wherever he chooses to go.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    yes, this team will not be our fathers’ indiana hoosiers. they’re going to be long, athletic, disciplined, and exciting to watch.

  • kewaynes

    He hasn’t been wrong yet

  • PocketHoosier

    Oh, Geez. Russel?
    Priorities for ’14 should be

  • calbert40

    Russell is a very talented player. If we were to get only four commits out of this class, Russell wouldn’t be in my top 4, but I’d still be very excited to have a player of his capabilities on our roster.

    The 2014 class is loaded with some impressive talent. Based on ratings (which I understand don’t mean a ton), I believe that Russell (24, ESPN) would be higher than anyone we have coming in this year other than Vonleh.

  • Daburns0

    Considering his only official visit was to IU and his family said IU was positioned very high, I don’t think that is a huge stretch. It’s not going to be as shocking as Wiggins was.

  • I have heard IU for a while now myself. It would be nice if he picked Duke but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • Really? Some analysts would argue Russell is better than pinson and exum.

  • calbert40

    Right. Deciding who you’d rather have amongst those three is like arguing over which supermodel you’d like to date – any of them would be just fine!

    I’ve watched him play, and he will make whatever school he chooses better. We’d be lucky to have any of them. Personally, I’d rank Pinson at the top of those three, but I’d probably put Russell above Exum simply because Exum is 1 and done and Russell probably would stay longer.

  • calbert40

    Don’t misunderstand me, I would be ecstatic if Exum committed to IU. He is a great player, and I’m not “counting it against him” that he is a probable 1 and done, per se.

    The thing is if you have the option between two similarly talented players and one is seen as a 1 and done and the other is not, I’d lean towards the player who will stay longer. That doesn’t mean I’d be against having the other nor that I think Russell is better than Exum, but if given the choice between one year of Exum and 2-4 years of Russell, I’d choose Russell.

  • PocketHoosier

    I dunno. I have not been as impressed with Russell’s progression as I have been with Exum. I also think that D’Angelo is going to end up playing for Kentucky…as much as it pains me to say it (Teammates at Monteverde with Dakari Johnson, and he has the same coach as MKG)

    Russell’s outside shot is pretty good but not better than Exum’s enough to say that it gets him the nod. Dante’s primary deficiencies have been scoring without controlling the dribble and shooting from outside. He’s been working on both pretty diligently and by the time he shows up in Cream and Crimson (projecting a bit, I know), I expect him to be a complete player.

    As far as nominal rankings are concerned, I think Exum is being discounted pretty heavily by the bureaus because he plays outside of North America. His game is exceptionally well-rounded, though and he graduates in November of ’13. He has all Spring and all summer of ’14 to *get even better*

    Make no bones about it: I think everyone should want Dante Exum over D’Angelo Russell.

  • RT1

    I don’t think any of your Father’s early 80’s or early 90’s teams would feel outclassed athletically by next year’s team… Nope, not even close….. but those unathletic, short, undisiplined & boring 75-76 teams on the ohterhand would certainly run and hide. 😉

  • RT1

    Tough call. I wish Lyle was declaring first because if Pinson goes to Bloomington, Lyle isn’t… I’d like to have as many Indiana guys on the roster as possible and the majority of my family has atttended Eville Bosse over the years. On top of that, after seeing both play, Lyle is the better combo guard… which IU needs.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    yeah, that’s a good point RT. for every jadlow, pelkowski, lindeman, and p.grahm, there was a g.grahm, tolbert, smart, and cheaney.

  • RT1

    Alot of guy are mentioning how getting Pinson would make up for losing May and Montross to UNC or the Plumlees to Duke but you have to remember, IU started it off by stealing a TarHeel named Walt Bellamy and when you compare player for player… Bells was better than those 6 combined. Though 4 of the other 5 won national championshps and the last Plumlee might too.

  • RT1

    True…. except I’d leave Pat G off your list. To average 9ppg over THOSE 4 years, with all that talent, is something special.

  • Of course. The development of Cody and Victor is a great sales tool.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    how bout if i sub in p.knight instead? 😉

  • IU44

    IU alum here but living in Raleigh.. Rumor all over down here is that he is going to Duke… Kid has been a diehard Duke fan his entire life!