Film Session: Losing 3-point shooters

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Jacksonville was hot from beyond the arc in the first half (5-of-9) in their loss to Indiana on Friday night, and it’s a theme that continued until the final buzzer (10-of-17, 58.8 percent).

The Dolphins did hit a few of the contested variety, but some defensive miscues by the Hoosiers also gave them open looks. A look at four such miscues in the latest edition of Film Session.

I. We start this sequence with the Hoosiers on offense. Jacksonville is applying a little pressure in the full court. Yogi Ferrell has the ball and Tom Crean — as you can hear in the video — yells “Get it down to Jordan!” to Ferrell. Hulls is down on the right wing unguarded:


Hulls — as he did five times in the first half — hits the three.


But Jacksonville turns it right back around and gives the Hoosiers a taste of their own medicine. Both Ferrell and Hulls are calling for someone to pick up Jeremy Bogus, as he’s left unmarked. (For the record: Christian Watford  — the last one across the timeline — had been checking Bogus during this stretch of the game):


Bogus has plenty of space once he receives the ball:


And hits:



II. Indiana applies some full-court pressure with Sheeladipo putting two bodies on Marcellous Bell:


Jacksonville is able to get the ball over the top of Sheehey, Oladipo and Remy Abell to Evin Graham:


From there, the Dolphins have a 3-on-2 scenario across the timeline. Graham passes it to Dylan Fritsch on the left wing:


Who connects on the 3-pointer:



III. Bogus throws an entry pass to Tyler Alderman: 


Ferrell sinks down into the lane to apply some pressure to Alderman. As he does this, Bogus has left his spot on the right wing:


Ferrell loses Bogus in the mix as Alderman passes out to him at the top of the key:


It’s another three for the Dolphins:



IV. On an inbounds play, Fritsch sets a screen for Kordario Fleming:


Fritsch keeps moving and gets a screen of his own from Glenn Powell:


Fritsch catches just inside the 3-point line:


He steps back and shoots and connects over Hulls, who is giving up several inches to him:



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  • Our 3 point defense has been a constant source of disappointment. Thanks for the breakdown.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Before the Hulls haters come out, the fast break three was a result of overplaying on the press which turned into a 2 on 3 fast break against us. Not much he could do there.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Before the Hulls haters come out, the fast break three was a result of overplaying on the press which turned into a 2 on 3 fast break against us. Not much he could do there.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Agree totally. Seems like this has been a problem for 4-5 years. The Watford one is particularly galling- he just didn’t get back on D. No mystery there.

    I’m glad the last one was included. Seems like our guards are constantly going under screens and getting burned.

  • Arch_Puddington

    Great breakdown. Number three is the one that will drive me to drink. It begins when Yogi leaves his man to help Perea in the low post, something he has no business doing. Perea needs no help in that position, and Yogi has not one chance in a hundred of creating a turnover. All he does is create an obvious imbalance in our defense, which the offense immediately recognizes and capitalizes on. We do this over and over, and it routinely leads to open shots. As those who have read my rants in the forum can attest, I become semi-hysterical over this tactic — not quite to the point of drooling or soiling myself, but closer than I care to admit. I have trained my wife and sons to watch for it in real time, just so they too can develop facial tics and learn to swear. It’s one thing to get beat by a really good player or a well-executed set, but these are points we just give away.

    Number 4 is almost as bad. We get beat by perimeter screens far too often, something we have struggled with for years. I love Coach Crean and wouldn’t have anyone else, but dang it these are fixable errors. I believe these two things by themselves — pointless double teams in our man defense and poor coverage of perimeter screens — are all that stand between us and more banners.

  • sloan screen #45

    Great job. This will be exploited in the B1G for sure. Especially against a team like Illinois who has good strong three point shooting guards.

  • Eastwood88_2

    Get ready for iowa to do the same. Hopefully the miss wide open threes

  • DarkSouth

    I respectfully disagree. Hulls got caught in “no man’s land” on the press. The player releasing down the wing would have been a long pass that should have been Elston’s responsibility. He should have stayed with #5 in the middle of the court until Oladipo recovered.

    You can’t leave the middle of the court open like that. You want them throwing that 50 ft pass down the sideline, you have a chance to pick it off. In a 1-2-1-1 Hulls position is intended to be the biggest gambler,in jumping the passing lanes. If you play it too safe it’ll lead to easy passes and runouts because you’ve got 3 defenders (here Will, Vic, and Remy) taken out of the play.

    If they throw the deep sideline pass (difficult since Will and Remy are trapping) it doesn’t get thrown out of bounds or Elston pick it off, and they score… well, that’s why pressing is a gamble.