• Brklynhoosier

    I have a huge mancrush on Will Sheehey, but I think they ought to keep him away from the press — he gets too surly, and he takes negative feedback too personally. I get it — and I’ll add that I love the toughness. I’d go back-to-back w/ him in an old-school barfight any day. But the ppl of the press are just doing their job — let it go, Will — let your play do the talking…

  • SUNY_RIT_IU_Grad

    Happy New Year Hoosier Fans! Love hearing WS interviews. Like the spunk and frankness. Great road win tonight!

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Will maybe a young Robert M Knight?

  • Benhyoung14

    Will Sheehee if you’re reading this, you’re great. Never miss a play. The reason they hate you is because the other team knows that if you come in you’re going to score a few mid rang jumpers. Here’s to keeping it real. Love the killer instinct.