Q & A: Luke Fischer, father talk Indiana decision

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Luke Fischer became the third verbal commitment in IU’s 2013 recruiting class on Saturday night when he gave a verbal pledge to the Hoosiers following their 74-70 win over No. 2 Ohio State.

Inside the Hall caught up with IU’s latest commitment and his father, Jim, on Sunday afternoon to talk about the big decision:


On why he decided to commit to Indiana on Saturday:

“Coming down here, we felt like it could happen, I could make my choice. I just wanted to see what the game atmosphere was like. When we talked with Coach Crean after the game, it just felt like the right thing to do.”

On if he came on the unofficial visit with the mindset that he might commit:

“Yeah, me and my family were talking about it about a week ago where we stand with everything. I kind of told them it might happen and they were behind me on it.”

On his emotions and excitement following his decision to commit:

“It feels great. I’m excited. I kind of want it to come quicker, but I have some business to finish at high school. It also feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can just focus on my high school team now. It feels great, it really does.”

On the atmosphere Saturday night in Assembly Hall:

“It’s unlike any other basketball game I’ve ever been to. It’s a great place to play and I can’t wait to play there.”


On the atmosphere in Assembly Hall last night:

“The atmosphere was unbelievable. From the minute we walked in and the crowd wasn’t huge yet, you could just feel the intensity already. The fans are probably the best of the country. We just had a blast last night.”

On how long Luke has followed Tom Crean dating back to the Marquette days and his role in committing to Indiana:

“Obviously he played a huge role. Luke went to his camps in fifth or sixth grade. He’d go down to Marquette, spend a day or a couple days during a camp. Coach Crean remembers him from back then. Not that he’s been following him since then, but he knew who Luke was and when Luke got onto the scene, he started recruiting him. That’s pretty much the history with Crean.”

On how seeing Cody Zeller excel at Indiana played into Luke’s decision and potentially filling that role one day:

“It was a huge part of the decision. Whether or not Luke gets the opportunity to play with him, which I hope he does, that’s exciting. If he ends up, I don’t want to say replacing him because I don’t think he can replace a Cody Zeller, but if Cody decides to stay and Luke can fill in while he’s still there and help out and then Luke can take over, that would be great. I just think Luke is going into a great situation right now. Obviously Indiana’s on the rise and Coach Crean has the team where he wants them to be. We just feel like it’s a great situation.”


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  • Anonymous

    With all due respect, that post ain’t worth a velvet paintin’ of a dolphin and a whale gettin’ it on. Fischer could make a great impact. Just because Coach Crean hasn’t had post players during his time at IU, doesn’t mean they can’t play in his system. Let’s remember that he did get a commit from Mbakwe and now has Cody Zeller. Coach Crean wants a defensive presence in the middle (i.e. Jurkin, prior commit Mbakwe, etc.) and also a player who can step out and knock down jumpers (i.e. Zeller, Elston, and now Fischer), so I think a player like Fischer very much fits in Coach Crean’s system. Like someone else said, Fischer is the “step out” type player, and not a pure post player.

  • Anonymous

    Just read from Indy Star that Luke said he was weighed this past weekend when he visited IU and he is 215lbs. 6’10”, 215 as a Junior, not to mention he said he grew a few more inches this past summer, so he’s a solid 6’10”, that’s really good. From the video I watched he looks really good moving up and down the court like Zeller. I think this kid is a big time sleeper. 

  • Swishmac IU

    Obviously wasn’t clear enough, my point was that the players that seem to excel in Creans are very athletic, can run the floor (no matter what postion), and have a defense first mentality. There are plenty of higher ranked players who don’t fit that mold, and probably many lower ranked players who do – the ranking is insignificant. What matters is the style of player. I agree that Crean has done a good job finding a few “would be steals”. But are they steals because of the player or because of the player in a system well suited for them. Luke is a heck of a ball player, my concern is if our system accentuates his skills.


    If he has received the coveted “MillaNun” blessing that is all I need to know, put the pen in his hand and show him where to sign Coach. Anyone that has been fortunate enough to have such a a honor bestowed upon them has always gone on to do fabulous and wonderful things.   lol

    Feels good to be back amongest by IU bball brothers again.

  • Plane1972

    I think the Willis and Anya ships have sailed with this commitment and, not that it matters, I’m okay with that. Great frame for a 16-year old and two years to bulk up and polish his game. Love his attitude and understanding he has to learn and work before serious minutes will come his way. Also like how 2013 is the glue between the more acclaimed classes of ’12 and ’14.

    If CTC can continue to develop upper class leaders and empower them, like he has done with Hulls, hopefully everyone will embrace their roles and do something special in the next several seasons.

  • millzy32

    What no Thomas?  You mean you don’t want a me first no defense playing wing man?  What is the world coming to? 

    Luke seems like a nice get.  I just hope this doesn’t hurt our chances at Willis.

  • millzy32

    I hope you are right.  Wisconsin never offered a scholarship to Luke though.  Not really sure why??????????  Anyone have any thoughts?

  • 888

    i agree 100%. Luke was the player i hoped would pass on us. I think when we offerd him IU wasnt as hot as we are right now. I think we could have made a stronger play for someone like Julius Randle, Anya, or waited for Willis. We could of got a player who was further developed. Its to late now though well have to livewith it. I do wish Luke all the best though. Hes a big kid that with a coach like CTC can develop. If he doesnt he wont play much and will leave. I think he will be the player who has to improve the most when he arrives or he made a poor choice for himself if he wants playing time. If hes in it for the education he made a great choice. Well just have to wait and see.

  • millzy32

    You may be right about Willis and Anya.  I guess this kid has grown about 6 inches in the last year and a half so who knows maybe he’ll be a legit 6’11” or 7’0″ by the time he arrives in Bloominton.  I hope so.

  • millzy32

    You may be right about Willis and Anya.  I guess this kid has grown about 6 inches in the last year and a half so who knows maybe he’ll be a legit 6’11” or 7’0″ by the time he arrives in Bloominton.  I hope so.

  • 888

    Think about this for a minute. Zeller will probably still be here (hopefully), Jurkin and Perea willbe here, and Tre Lyles and possibly Cliff Alexander the year after. Thats a ton of talent for this kid to compete against. I just dont think hell be able to overcome these guys. If he gets to be 7 foot and can develop then wow were gonna be the deepest team in NCAA history. I think that UNC when they had Carter and Wallace then got that Jerry Stackhouse class is close.  I think if we have the year we should have Randle would have been interested. Hes a 1 and done but CTC said he wants them too. He offerd him too. CTC is a very smart man and will not make as many offers as he has been to lesser players. Just sayn.