Tharpe picking up offers, IU still keeping tabs on him

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The summer is winding down for Naadir Tharpe, though you wouldn’t know it by the recent flurry of activity that’s marked his recruitment.

After Tharpe’s New England Playaz took home top honors at the West Virginia Hoop Group Jam Fest last week, Tharpe revealed to Inside the Hall that he’s picked up a trio of recent offers.

Virginia, Marquette and Minnesota have all now extended a scholarship to the Class of 2011 point guard, who backed out of his verbal commitment to Providence earlier this year and has started to tally an impressive list of suitors.

Thus far, however, Indiana has not decided to write its name on that list, though Tharpe said the Hoosiers are keeping the lines of communication open.

“Coach (Tim) Buckley and I, we communicate a lot,” Tharpe said by phone Sunday night, adding, “I just know basically offensively, they get up and down pretty fast, and that’s the game that I play.”

Indiana is paying close attention, according to Tharpe, who said he feels his best basketball has come recently, coinciding with his team’s improved play.

“What got us going was our defense,” Tharpe said of his squad’s performance in the Jam Fest event. He said he’s worked hard to improve defensively and involve his teammates whenever possible.

“I’ve been playing a lot better.”

Tharpe’s whirlwind summer is nearly over. The Playaz will go to the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas and then stop in Phoenix for the Desert Duel. The second July evaluation period starts this week, putting the ball in IU’s court once more regarding Tharpe. The 5-foot-11 floor general certainly has plenty of respect to send the other way.

“I know that they have a great program,” he said.


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  • Diesel

    Saw Uhtoff to Wisconsin. Wonder if Kaminski goes to MSU if that will have any effect on Costello. Going to be a lot of dominoes soon and I believe Tharpe is down the line in the domino progression.

  • Kelin Blab

    I wonder what is the delay in Tharpe. I think they will end up offering him just to cover their bases and keep some options on the table. Not sure if IU is in late with him but it seems there is some interest there. (I won't restate my feelings about this fully which are if you offer Tharpe you offer Nic Moore) No further comment….

  • Hoosiers1111

    Possibly hoping to secure a commitment from Young instead? That would be my only guess. And I disagree about offering Moore if you offer Tharpe. They are different players. Moore is a 5'9″ scoring point guard, whereas Tharpe is a 5'11″ pass first point guard. Depends on what you are looking for. Plus you have time with Moore. No big boys have offered him so he will likely be available come late October or early November if we still haven't got a commitment from Young, JD, or Tharpe.

  • psvirsky

    Yeah I imagine they've got to be waiting on Young (not that he has an offer either). The situation is a bit weird, with what seems like serious interest in Young, Tharpe and Thomas but no offers for any. It feels like TC is waiting on someone to turn us down before going after them, but we've cooled on JD, so what's up? Is there any chance he's hoping to secure an early 2012 PG commitment? With so many talented guys, it really does feel like you could be in a coma for a week and miss 20 top guys signing. Hopefully, Young visits IU soon, gets an offer and signs.

  • Mike_jordan46323

    IU would be very happy with Tharpe. This kid is a legit PG. Great ball handler, can get to the basket, sees the floor extremely well and seems like a very coachable kid. Im not sure what IU is waiting for.

  • slojoe

    I agree that a big part of the holdup on Tharpe is Young.
    It's sometimes confusing on who has an offer and who doesn't. Sometimes the recruit thinks he has an offer or says he has an offer when he doesn't.

  • indianaranger

    Indiana looking at 5’11 point from welliston cc in north dakato.Would be here 2 years and freeup scholly.Makes the most sense,smart move too take a juco point.

  • eph521

    You know… this 'delay' in offering to kids… and having kids publicly state their interest in playing at IU… that has to suggest the program is turning the corner. Just a couple years ago Crean seemed to grab whoever was available and willing to come to IU… now we have an impressive 'waiting list' of potential recruits. Times are a changin…

  • Outoftheloop

    Kelin, you can't offer Tharpe and Moore. What if they both say yes? You would then have two almost identical small PG's and no scholarship for Cody, BJ, A Thomas, J Davis, etc. At this precise moment, it is my opinion, based on zero facts, that the only player who can say “yes” to an IU scholarship is Cody Zeller. But he will not make a move for several months. So we need to offer and GET BJ Young soon! When Young says yes, then we need to really work on A Thomas and let him know that as soon as Cody decides, if it is not IU, we want him! If Young says no, then we need to offer and GET Aaron Thomas right then. We need 3 quality signings in the fall of 2010 for 2011. So we need a good back-up plan if Cody says no. Then IU should wait until spring and see if we have a scholarship for Dawson, Cook, or Chandler and if any of these players are interested.

  • Outoftheloop

    I think that you are right.

  • slikyslim222

    I think CTC is waiting to see which point guard shows most adept at running an offense without turning the ball over.

    I still see Yogi as the front runner. Anybody believe there is a better option?

  • slikyslim222

    How True! No longer taking water, the winds have changed in our favor and the ship is now sailing with purpose.

  • Kelin Blab

    I don't think they both will say yes or have the opportunity to do so. Same as if Young and Davis both say yes. I do agree they have time with Nic Moore which is a good thing, although I expect Etherington, Zeller, and Young to end up being our final class.

  • Uncle Joey

    I feel like a lot of the delay in offering additional schollies for 2011 is due to Cody Zeller. Its quite obvious that he's Crean's #1 target for 2011 (maybe even the biggest target that Crean's ever had at IU), and that Crean wants to make absolutely sure that Cody is coming to Bloomington. I think that maybe Crean is a little hesitant in offering a scholly to… say… Tharpe or Thomas (even though these are quality kids), because if one of the two accept right away, then that leaves only the oversign for 2011 for Zeller. And Cody is such a humble and modest kid that he may shy away from coming to IU due to the fact that he'd know that he'd be taking away a scholarship from someone else. I'm sure Crean will be walking on eggshells until November when we all find out where CZ is heading. After that happens, I think we'll see a flurry of activity from the coaching staff over the 2011 oversign spot.

    But that's just my hunch.

  • eph521

    How do scholarships work?

    Since we only have 3 available… what if we offer scholarships to 10 different kids and they all call the same day and say “I accept” – what's the process in that type of situation? I'm just wondering what we can/would do if Davis/Young/Thomas all called today and said they would accept right now. Does Crean/University still have the final say on the 'offer'?

  • marcusgresham

    I vote for IU starting something like a bowling team (or some other team sport that it doesn't have,) offer all these guys bowling scholarships and let them walk on the basketball team!

  • marcusgresham

    The one guy I don't understand not yet having an offer is Thomas. I can see holding off on Tharpe/Moore/Young/etc, because you don't need 2 PGs coming in. You also aren't likely to sign 2 big guys, so that scholarship is open for Zeller if/when he decides he wants it. That 3rd one, however, I would think would be open for the best available player, and I'd think Thomas looks pretty good given his ability coupled with his interest (unless they're waiting on Patterson, as well.)

  • indianaranger

    Blake Nash is the juco point.

  • Kelin Blab

    You hit the nail on the head with A. THomas….Patterson. If you look at need, we have 'a bunch' of wings from Creek, VO, Sheehey, Watford, etc…. We need a PG and a Big two things A. Thomas is not. I think Crean is looking at 2012 as his opportunity to get a wing player like Patterson, Hollowell, Perea etc. It doesn't rule out A. Thomas but in a matter of priority it is …Zeller, Young, Davis, THomas I think.

  • I Bleed Crimson

    I would put Thomas in front of Davis. Davis doesn't seem from what I have seen to be too enthusiastic about coming to IU, plus his stock has been slipping a little. All this is the complete opposite of Thomas. Plus we can fill the “big” guard spot in 2012 with DSR.

  • eph521

    hey Ranger, that's interesting to hear… do you have any article links you can share? where did you hear about this development?

  • Marsh21

    Gents do we have any chance winning a recruiting war with UNC over Zeller??? We have put so much effort into that kid but when it comes down to the final day I believe our program is just not there yet to win that game. I hope he comes to IU but UNC is very difficult to beat when they want someone.

    Just a thought…

  • indianaranger

    Hoopmasters, a pay site by Van Coleman.

  • marcusgresham

    In-state, close to home (parents can see him play every home game,) new practice facility, grew up watching IU (I would assume, given that every game is on TV in his area,) has played AAU ball with potential future teammate(s). I'd say IU has an excellent chance. Other than his brother being at UNC (and Cody publicly stated that it wouldn't be that big of a deal, given that he'd only have one season to play with his brother)–and don't forget that the brother wasn't swayed to play in college with HIS older brother.

  • Outoftheloop

    I am sure that each Coach works them differently. Yes, IU does have the final say on the offer. Verbal offers and acceptances have no “legal” status to the NCAA. There is an actual document (NLOI, National Letter of Intent that does have NCAA status) that must be sent by the university to the recruit, signed and sent back to the university. The first period to do this for 2011 recruits is in November 2010. The second period is in April or May of 2011. However, if you are not fair and upfront about the offer, like telling the recruit that you have a limit of 3 and that U, V, X and Y have priority over you, or that we have offered A but if he says no you are the next for that scholarship, etc, then you will get a horrible reputation with recruits, high school and AAU coaches, etc.

  • Outoftheloop

    So what is the point of an offer if the kid can not say yes on the spot? It is exactly the same thing as saying “we are very interested in you and want to really develop the relationship, but we will not commit the scholarship to you now”! Maybe it will make the recruit feel good to say to the press and his friends and family that IU offered, but if he can not accept the offer it is not an actionable offer, it is a conditional offer where some conditions have not been met. We have more than enough conditional offers out there, what we need to do is zero in on the ONE kid (BJ Young) that we want with Cody and Etherington, offer that kid, get the verbal commitment now, and then zero in on the back up for Cody if he says no. Until you give the kid the power to say “yes”-and this can have a time limit-an “offer” is worthless! That is why the NCAA possible restriction of offers to the period after July 1 before the senior year makes so much sense.

  • slikyslim222

    It would also be nice to have a point guard with some experience, tough to go with a freshman at the helm.

  • Outoftheloop

    IU needs three very high quality recruits for 2011. Austin Etherington is very good. We are waiting for Cody Zeller to decide. He is at the top of our chart. We need to get either #1 BJ Young or #2 Aaron Thomas now, so that we do not lose out on both. If we can not get either Young or Thomas, then, by all means go after Tharpe. 2012 will take care of itself. We are not in a position to assume we can get anyone for 2012 if they have not given a verbal commitment to us. Do you really think that anyone in 2012 will opt for IU if we have a 10-21 record in 2010-11?

  • Outoftheloop

    We do not need any JUCO player that is not better than the ones we have now, is this kid better than Hulls, Jones, etc. And you lose a scholarship for 2012. Bad idea!