Naadir Tharpe confirms IU interest, keeping options open

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After assistant coach Pat Skerry left Providence College in late May to take a similar position at Pittsburgh, 2011 point guard Naadir Tharpe decided to re-think his verbal commitment he’d made to the Big East school less than three months earlier.

As a result, the 6-0, 160-pound Tharpe, who plays at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro (NH), has picked up interest from several schools, including Indiana.

“I talk to Coach (Tim) Buckley a lot,” Tharpe told Inside the Hall. “Basically we talk about how they see me fitting in their system. It’s all good stuff. I’m just waiting to see if they give me an offer.”

Like several other IU targets and commitment Austin Etherington, Tharpe was invited to last week’s NBA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville (VA). He said the experience was an opportunity to go head-to-head with some of the best point guards in the country.

“The NBA Camp went well because there were a lot of point guards there that were highly ranked and the best players in my class,” he said. “It was a great experience for me. Last summer I had a problem with my ankle. This summer and spring are going well so far.”

Having just opened his recruitment up earlier this month, Tharpe has yet to put together a definite list of schools that he’ll consider and said he’s open to any school that shows interest. And while he hasn’t talked with the Indiana staff about a trip to Bloomington, it’s not out of the question.

“Yeah, I would definitely want to go out there and take a visit,” Tharpe said. “I’m just going to play the summer, see how I do and then take it from there this fall once I get back to school.”

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  • MillaRed

    Wow FW! Welcome to the jungle. I love it. Nice work man.

  • it's Indiana

    I'll be honest FW…your argument makes a lot of sense. Good post! Well presented.

  • it's Indiana

    Don't forget, he stayed on campus all summer for the explicit purpose of getting back into fighting shape. I believe the fire is there, I know we are all hoping it is.

  • it's Indiana

    One thing is for sure. Either you or Jerry is going to have dibs on a “I told you so.” If TP thrives I'm going to jump all over you and pound my chest. If he fails I'm going to deflect all attention to the white dog with droopy ears.

  • N71

    He looked to pass because he was out of gas. The limited time he was fresh he was much more active. You know the feeling, you're just trying to hang on till the next time out looking for someone else to carry the load for a few. Problem was he was in this position more times than not.

  • Diesel

    You're kidding, right? Out of gas? The guy could hardly stay in the game due to foul trouble and was even displaced by Capo late in the season just due to play. Someone could tell me how many minutes he played per game, but if it wasn't greater than 25……..Being active and having a post game are quite a bit different. If we get a big man the ball on the block, he needs to look to score, not find someone else to carry the load.


    Could not agree with you more. Plus it would be nice having someone playing Pritch's spot that had a vertical of more than an extended tippy toe not to mention being able to hit a decent percentage from the line or at least be able to draw iron every time. Pritch probably has as much to lose as well as much to gain as maybe anybody on the team. Another year like last year and he could very well be the one opening up a scholly slot for someone else.

    Sorry JerryCT just my opinion and I know it is not the same as yours.