Meet Brewster Academy point guard Naadir Tharpe

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If you’re following us on Twitter, you may have noticed an update from Fox Sports writer Jeff Goodman regarding Indiana coming on strong for 2011 point guard Naadir Tharpe.

Tharpe is a 5-11 point guard at Brewster Academy (NH) and is rated No. 62 nationally by and No. 80 by In April, Tharpe told that he could potentially re-classify to 2010: “It’s like this – I am at Brewster Academy right now and a 2011 player. I was looking things over with my Coach and if my grades are right and the college is perfect for me next year then I could possibly become a 2010 player.”

Here’s an interview with Tharpe, which was filmed in July at the adidas Super 64:

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  • Luke72

    No mention of IU! With so few spots left for the next 2 years is our need for a point bad enough that any hint of interest is news worthy?

  • Interview was filmed in July. IU interest may not have heated up until after this was filmed. I think it's pretty obvious that IU wants a point guard in either 2010/2011 and Tharpe is someone to keep an eye on. Irving is out of the picture, Teague appears to be leaning elsewhere and while things appear to be going in the right direction with Jeremiah Davis, nothing is guaranteed in recruiting. The fact that Tharpe told Goodman that IU is coming on strong makes me believe there could be something to it.

  • GFDave

    I have to admit that I lost interest the instant I read that he was 5' 11″. We've got Hulls for the next 4 years and Rivers for the next 2. Let's see what happens with Davis before we cast a wider net.

  • Hardwood83

    I'm with you- It is obvious that IU is still pursuing a PG for '10/11 but I'd be content to hold off and look bigger.

  • jgongora86

    No. Nothing against the kid but if Crean wastes this scholarship, I'm going to be ticked. We can afford to wait to see what Kendrick and selby decide. I could understand him rushing 3-4 star players for a certain amount of spots but you should save one or two of those for the big time players. If he gives another project a scholarship I would then question if coach has good common sense.

  • sacajacabuncar

    I think it's funny how whenever there's a story about a recruit Crean is pursuing, the comments fill up with either, “Yes, let's go after him, he would be great,” or “No, this guy is a waste of scholarship.” Let's let Crean do his job. He's the one that will have to answer for his decisions and that will be with a winning team that progresses year after year deep into the post season or teams that aren't as good. I think we get caught up in all this recruiting stuff and in reality most of us don't have the knowledge Coach Crean has. He knows who will fit and who won't and goes for it. Let this recruiting thing play out and see what happens. If we get guys and they suck, then there will be a group that can say “I told you so”, but if goes the other way and we do well, we'll never hear the naysayers say, “I was wrong, Coach knew what he was doing.” Yes, I know, we all want the best, but we've got to trust the guy that was hired to rebuild the program and do it in the way he thinks is best. Let him work and let's see what happens. Go IU!!

  • i guess go for him if crean feels we need him….i'd think with hulls, rivers, and vj as potential pgs, and a plethora of sgs, we'd be set at guard, and esp cuz this kid is 5'11 he's probably only going to be a point. i'd feel bad for a top150 player to come to iu only to be buried on the depth chart and transfer. i never like to see a transfer from iu. that being said, i havent seen this kid play so maybe crean sees something. i'm just saying saying i don't want to see IU stockpile on top 150 talent just because it looks better on paper, i think it's unfair to the recruits (one reason i strongly hate duke, vegetating a long list of mcd's all americans).

  • Well said.

  • Diesel

    I agree. Let Crean do his thing. We are upset about IU getting in on a 4 star player who Crean feels will help our team??? It doesn't say he has been offered yet either. We need 2-3 solid point guards at a minimum. You don't want to be one injury away from a blown season. Kentucky is planning starting 3 poing guards to maximzie the dribble drive which is similar to what Crean wants to do with IU and a guard heavy offense.

    I'll say it again. There are offers on the table, if you want it take it like VO did and Austin Etherington did. If you miss out, that's on you.

    There are no guarentees in recruiting, even with commitments, and Crean has shown he is always in ABC mode: A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing.

  • jgongora86

    For once I disagree with all of you. We already have our recruits that provide us a good base. Why would we need another guard? We need a couple of stars if we can get them. Not only will they provide us with good play, but it looks good for the program that Coach can recruit these type of kids. I'm not hear to be a marquette fan, I'm IU. By that I mean we have a mixture of kids who hustle and apply good fundamentals, with high profile athletes who can take us over the top. Not everyone has to be a project.
    I like coach, but I think everyone here is afraid to question him once and a while. We should be humble, but not afraid to question. Otherwise we are doomed to be complacent and follow then same tract that we have seen for over a decade and a half.
    I think coach is a great X's and O's man, and a great publicist, but the jury is still out if he's a good recruiter.

  • GFDave

    I support Coach Crean and I think he is doing swimmingly. I'm very stoked for the future and will support any kid he brings in.

    That said, I think that respectfully questioning the desirability of a recruit is well within the bounds of this type of forum, imo, and doesn't necessarily have to be taken as a criticism of Coach.

  • Diesel

    Jgong – I'm not sure why you are referring to the #62 ranked player by Scout as a project.

    The jury is still out on IU, and that's why we aren't going to get the top 10 guys until the ship is righted more than 6-25. Sure we can continue to chase these top level guys and absolutely we should, but it's one thing to get invited to the party and another to go home with the girl.


  • jgongora86

    but you see we have enough girls. The ones we have are freshman who are staying for four years. And when you have 2011 kids who are ranked in the top 50 coming in, we have enough people to develop and lay a foundation. If we don't get the stars fine, but we can afford to wait. Your panicking man, you don't want to panic before you go on a date. We could afford to relax now and go after the hot girl. By the way whats life without going after the hot girl. You gotta at least try before she turns you down.

  • Diesel

    GFDave – I agree we should have some criticism of these recruits, and when you take a guy like David Williams and you get a body of information about him, it's difficult to understand why he was offered a scholarship. But questioning that decision, which is Crean's decision, is criticism, good or bad.

    The difficulty is that we don't know what Crean is thinking because he can't comment on recruiting. And I doubt anyone posting on this forum has any body of knowledge on Naadir, so how is that open to criticism? Thus, the criticism falls back on the whole 5 star versus 3 or 4 star player. The full court press on KI didn't work, it's going to take another year to get that 5 star guy that we all want. The other criticism falls on the guard versus big man debate and I think we all know the kind of game Crean wants to play at IU. So I do not fault cannot fault Coach for recruiting the #62 ranked player.

  • GFDave

    My issue is that this kid is 5' 11″ which is too short, imo. I also think that fact is open to comment. I am, and will be, supportive of Crean and don't see the need to connect the two issues.

  • Kelin Blab

    A few things about this kid, I often look at and listen to the schools that are recruiting him along with IU…..Wake and Arizona to be exact. Two very good coaches who coach guards very well so they must think highly of this kid……

    2nd …..He is 5'11….and a certain point guard for last years national champion was how tall…5'11..Ty Lawson. Could care less how tall he is……

    If you guys recall, Crean says he nevers stops recruiting. As much as I love Jordan and Jeremiah….one high ankle sprain and we are back to ONE point guard….thats ONE! Which means get ready for baseline drives and kick outs by Daniel Moore!

    If we can fill a need in 2010 with Naadir, Selby, or JK I am all for it. We have the scholly's and I am in the camp of …SOLD on Jeremiah Davis, NOT SOLD on Plumlee and Zeller, so I will take what I can get. I want good players at any position……..Not to mention……

    What does crean do if……
    1. KI signs with Duke (Done)
    2. Selby goes to KY (Possible)
    3. J. Davis goes elsewhere (Possible)
    4. D. Davis (GONE)
    5. M. Teague (as good as GONE)

    Where does that leave us???? So if Naadir wants to be a Hoosier more than those other guys, kid get ready for those new jersey's next year…..

    Colts 31 Limegreen Team 13

  • Diesel

    “Sure we can continue to chase these top level guys and absolutely we should” – Like I said, we should go after these top level guys. No panic man. Coach Crean is an ABC man – always be closing, always be closing – which means he may not bring home the hot girl, but her friend is pretty darn hot and Coach is going to take her.

    I agree with everything Kelin just said, and I 100% think that Crean will sign one more to the 2010 class.

  • Hoosiers1111

    The top two point guards in the Big Ten (Lucas and Battle) are 6'0″ and 5'10″, respectively. 5'11″ is not too short, especially when you are lightening quick as Tharpe supposedly.

  • GFDave

    I guess everybody here doesn't think Carlino is going to play point. Or that a freshman would be the backup to Hulls and Rivers over VJ3 who would be a junior.

  • Gary

    Could it be that CTC feels that more interest IU shows in high level recruits the more interest THEY will show in IU. He could be just laying the ground work for the future (2011 and beyond). Having IU on the list of all these high level guys can do us nothing but good.

  • Gary

    Could it be that CTC feels that more interest IU shows in high level recruits the more interest THEY will show in IU. He could be just laying the ground work for the future (2011 and beyond). Having IU on the list of all these high level guys can do us nothing but good.