Hoosiers fall to Penn State in Happy Valley

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th_23659_gamerecap_122_111lo.jpgA game that Indiana hoped would be a tuneup for the Big Ten Tournament turned into a nightmare Sunday afternoon at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania.

The Hoosiers (25-6, 14-4 Big Ten) shot a dismal 21 percent from three-point range and committed 17 turnovers in a shocking 68-64 overtime loss to Penn State.

The loss dropped Indiana to third place in the Big Ten and sets the Hoosiers up for a 9PM quarterfinal Friday in the Big Ten Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Eric Gordon scored 26 points, but shot just 8 of 24 from the field including 4 of 16 from behind the three-point line. Gordon also committed five turnovers. D.J. White posted another double-double with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

Jamarcus Ellis did not travel with the team and reports indicate that he was suspended for disciplinary reasons. Jordan Crawford started in place of Ellis and scored five points on 1 of 8 shooting.

For Penn State (15-15, 7-11), D.J. Jackson had 13 points, Jeff Brooks added a career-high 12 and Talor Battle had 10. Ed DeChellis’ club was playing with its leading scorer, Jamelle Cornley, who sat out with a knee injury.


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  • Jay

    It is so tempting to just not watch IU for the next 5 years. Maybe tune back in then and see if anything positive is happening. I won't, of course, but even for the most supportive fans this has been a rough era in IU baskeball. Very hard to watch.

  • JamesHardy

    1. I've seen alot of guys blowing up DJ's intensity…put that in your back pocket and keep it there cuz that's a load of bullshit!

    2. I thought Kelvin Sampson resigned? Why was he calling the plays at the end of the game…”I told him, shoot the ball whenever you get it…” KS~ following the Illinois game in reference to what he told EJ at halftime.

    3. Defensive intensity looked a little better today. Something has got to change with this defense, cuz DJ was out of position and late to rotate several times because he was out of position…guarding the 3pt shooter or closing out on the 3 pt shooter several times.

    4. What happened to Jordan Crawford's dribble drive game?

    5. clank…

    6. I think EJ just missed another 3

    7. Good thing Pat Riley came to watch Taber instead of EJ today!

  • Pudge

    There is no way IU wins more than 1 if that many in the tournament. We don't move the basketball well enough to get good looks, we make careless turnovers, and at no point do we put 5 players on the floor that is a threat to score. My hats off to Kyle Taber, I have played the game and had alot of good coaches they always said doing the little things wins ball games. If Kyle had not done the little things we don't go to overtime we lose in regulation. So thank you Kyle for knowing that wearing that jersey means you give 110% .

  • Jerry

    Depressing game. We actually looked better organized on offense however.

    I guess this confirms what we have seen all year.

    1. not enough progress compared to potential, especially defense
    2. not enough team intensity and competitiveness
    3.not enough experimentation w our weak early schedule to find out what we do best and who does it ( eg Taber's late addition to the floor, no McGee ever )

    Now as Dennis Green might have said ” We are what we thought we were “

  • Timmy

    I didn't watch the game today…burned out on IU hoops right now. I'm not down on the players, instead I'm down on Greenspan appointing Double D as coach when he knew the players didn't want him and fucking the season up even more after letting KS resign. Heading down to spring training on Thursday and won't even think about the big ten tourney.

  • JamesHardy

    IU loses in the semi's to Purdue…gets a 6 seed out west…loses to Winthrop…DD era ends (THANK GOD!) and HELLO TONY BENNETT! Tony Bennett needs to travel to Warsaw next year to get his dibs on a freshman point guard who reminds me of Armon…only physically stronger and a better ball handler. Nic Moore…write it down…mark my word…take a picture…this kid will be a STUD! You'll see him playing with DeShaun Thomas next year on the AAU circuit with the Indiana Elite. Just pray that Thomas keeps his committment to OSU!

  • JamesHardy

    well stated in regards to Mr. Taber.

  • JamesHardy

    Hey E…A…or whomever is listening…I think this thread deserves a pic of Kyle Taber. Thanks to him the Hoosiers didn't get as embarrassed as the could have!

  • Jerry

    Bennett Amen !

    I would love to see him practiice agianst our guards to show them a 38 yr old man can play at their level unless they learn to kick it up a notch

  • Mark

    There is going to be more of the same over the next few games. We'll lose in the 1st round of Big 10 tourney, get a six seed and go 1-1 in NCAA's. The upside of that is we will get a new coach sooner. The down side, DJ doesn't deserve all the crap.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Just horrible….not sad…horrible…

    Horrible that a team with this many players can play that poorly as a unit.

    Horrible that the Hoosiers show no desire to play. There is just no heart. They should have just quit if this is the kind of effort they are going to give as a “team.”

    I'd rather watch Taber and some of his buddies get out on the court and give it 100% for IU, instead for their own selfish reasons.

    Horrible that DJ White's senior year has been wasted by a lackluster effort by his teammates (minus Taber). One of the classiest kids in IU history has to deal with all this turmoil for basically his entire career. He should be remembered for not only being a winner, but one of my most committed Indiana Hoosiers I've ever seen. He had every opportunity and every reason to not come back on several occasions, yet he stuck with IU.

    Horrible that fans' confidence in Hoosier basketball has been shaken to the core.

    Horrible that we'd rather talk about who our new coach will be rather than if we can make a run at a national title (since it's becoming apparent, we can't and won't)

    Horrible that we have the Big Ten POY and Freshman Of the Year and we can't play any better than we have since Sampson has been gone.

    Horrible that we have had a season with 25 wins…and will have nothing to show for it…barring a miracle run in the Big Ten tourney or NCAA….this is a team we should be excited about…but from watching them play together…what reason do we as fans have to be excited? There's been no evidence that this team is willing to put it together….

  • Jerry

    Geez ! SOunds like a eulogy w/o the life after death part

  • Ben

    this team isn't going to play for DD. It just isn't going happen is it? I think he should step down and let Ray take over. If he really loved Indiana that is what he should do. He can't coach.
    I say ellis should grab his bags and head out the door. I kind of had a feeling he was bringing a negative atmosphere to the team. He was a Sampson guy from the get go. He needs to just transfer. I'm telling you we would be much better off. He pissed because he came here because sampson was the coach and now he doesn't want to transfer because he will have to sit out a year. I say its best to part ways with him.

    What is the deal with Mcghee??? Does he suck? He looked like a decent recruit at the beginning. Why aren't we redshirting him if he isn't going to play? What the hell?

  • HoosierSmitty

    15-25 on 2 point attempts = 60%
    7-33 on 3 point attempts = 21%

    Live by it….die by it…no reason to shoot 8 more 3 pointers than 2 pointers in a game.

    I don't understand why we didn't go to DJ more down the stretch and in OT or at least penetrate and draw fouls given that we were in the double bonus…

    Even so, we missed a ton of WIDE OPEN looks from 3…

  • PB

    time for my brilliant analysis…we suck.

  • i think ive seen this before…

    oh yeah: 2005-06 season, 2002-03 season, 1996-97 season.

    everytime there is a lot of preseason hype, they fail. everytime people are sleeping on them (i.e. 2006-07), they exceed expectations.

    it would've sounded crazy to say this two months ago, but i think kentucky could get further in the NCAAs than IU. this team is just not fun to root for.

  • kelin

    I remeber last summer…..as I posted on this site anticipating the season, giving everyone updates on airfare from Indy to San Antonio, having that level of confidence that IU had a good shot…Hell my wife even told me to book it at one point……GOOD THING I didn't.

    *I am not going to spend a nickel to watch them in the Big Ten tourney.
    *I am the least bit excited about selection sunday
    *I would say 40% of me is looking forward to getting this season over so I can begin to rebuild my IU pride and try to look forward to a new coach…Hopefully Greeny won't screw that up
    *When I look at Duke, UNC, Kansas, Memphis, UCLA….I think those teams would be IU on an average of 15-20 points…..they play a different game than IU does…like Varsity 4a vs…JV 2a. (I hate class basketball)
    *Go ahead everyone and brace yourself for the “I am transferring rumors that will begin soon…..” Just like the pacers this team needs to be gutted of guys who can't get it together off the court. How the hell do you get suspended this late in the season when you are trying to get better……..?

  • steve

    Very depressing to say the least. I have no excitement left for this team. ALl I want is to get Greenspan out before he screws up on the new coach. First he hires sampson and the appoints DD. The team never had any intention of playing for DD and that shows. Oce again everything Greenspan touches turns to shit. That is why I am convinced he will fuck up on hiring a new coach as well.

  • kelin

    Steve I want to say you are wrong, I want to say be optimistic, I want to say steve stop the negativity…BUT steve you are 101% right…..I see Greeny walking out to the podium and saying the following…..

    I would like to introduce……
    * Jim Boeheim
    * Randy Whitman
    * Rick Barnes
    * Lawrence Frank
    * Dan Dakich

    I just know it is coming……………

  • Big S

    Eric Gordon just built house for me. He laid the bricks himself.
    This team is just not that good. I think they have regressed. They were better at the beginning of the season.

  • JamesHardy

    Here's the deal with McGee…when IU played @ IOWA the game was out of hand with less than 10 sec to go. McGee went on a break away and tried to dunk it instead of killing the clock. Needless to say, a move that totally lacked any class. The funny part was, he BRICKED the dunk and about fell on his ass. That was the most pissed I saw KS the whole season. With that said, McGEE has only see 2 min of playing time since then (and that 2 min may be generous) I did hear DD tell Don Fisher today that McGee and Finkelmeier were going to see some action…maybe he was counting on a blowout? Who knows…they couldn't have hurt any worse than EJ jackin up BULLSHIT from 27 feet.

  • kelin

    I agree Big S they were good against the Illinois Techinical Institute school for Denistry and political debaters University Tigers…………

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    Im with Timmy, the NCAA cant fuck up baseball season

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    If anyone remembers we didn't finish off Penn State at B-town until the last 5 minutes. That game was way closer than the final score indicated. Were just a bunch of lame ass crybabies. I hate to see DJ go out like this.

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    And you know I cant speak without bitching about the NCAA making a joke out of our program, since we and KS have been reprimanded twice by the NCAA in 2 years for phone calls the following has been ignored by the NCAA

    1.) USC football continues to stack its roster with 5 star blue chip recruits who would
    rather sit the bench for 3 years than start and play at another school, all while being in a court battle where people admit to giving Reggie Bush tons of cash and whatever he wanted, has the NCAA even looked into it? Its going on 3 years now since the accusations first surfaced and all I have heard about is the trial, I have heard nothing about the NCAA looking into it.

    2.) The modern day Tark the shark, John Calipari, has continued to load his roster with guys that think Memphis is spelled with an N (pronounced Meinphus) and have a 3rd grade reading level, yet has been allowed to get these guys declared “learning disabled” to get them into college so he can stack his roster with morons

    3.) For going on 20 years now, Florida States injured players on the sideline STILL wear 10,000 gold chains and earrings with the NCAA not so much as raising an eyebrow

    4.) Some professors at Duke have been complaining and continue to complain about the fact that 75% of Duke players graduate with Sociology degrees and the professors maintain that the program is fixed for the players to pass easily

    The bottom line is the NCAA picks and chooses when and who to bust, I will go to my grave fully believing that this season was sabotaged by Myles Brand, its not a coincidence that the NCAAs report came at the same day as we began our toughest stretch of the season. I dont know why but somebody on the inside wants to take us down, is what KS did against the rules no matter how stupid the rule? sure, but he pissed off the wrong person somewhere along the line and we ALL have had to pay the price.

  • BTOWN40

    Congrats off to Purdue……It pains me to say this, but you have something that us IU fans want so badly (a TEAM). I am a diehard IU fan, but enjoy watching your unselfish style of play (teamwork) passing the ball to get a better look, not complaining to the refs, and always hustling on defense. I am not dissing our guys, but who have we really beaten this year. I think we could have had something special and at times we showed teamwork and hustle, but we have sadly regressed into a Mike Davis jack up a 35 footer every time down the court coached team. IU won alot of games on talent alone, but even in their wins you could see flaws. Don't always judge a team based on wins and losses, but on their teamwork, desire, and hustle. Again good job Boilers enjoy it for a couple of years until we get our shit figured out….

  • Brent

    as i have watched this team the last 5 games it becomes more and more clear that the players are running this show…

    DD has no more control over this team than i do of my 1 year old….

    the huddles no one is paying attention…

    this team has no one speck of leadership, unity, fire or passion

    on the court it's nothing but 1 on 5 every man for himself
    everone except Tabor,DJ and stemler who is afraid to shoot anymore…

    the offense is a joke…no movement, lazy passes and 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 well infinity 3…

    the only ones even working on both offense and defense are Tabor and DJ

    enough is enough…get your head out of your ass “Coach” and either make these guys listen of sit their asses on the bench and play some players who will…its time to call people out…

    this team is a complete embarrasment to organized basketball both on offense and their lazy defense

    and was that Brandon M in the game…for what 35 sec or something

    we have no forwards who rebound and you choose not to play Mike White 1 single second today unacceptable…

    And a big THANKS to Kyle Tabor today for showing everyone how to play basketball with passion and heart…you need to be in the game 40 min everygame…nobody was high 5'ing you for your hustle or hard work…without you and we lose this game in regulation… sorry all had to let it out

  • kelin

    If I were Brandon McGhee I would refuse to enter the game a la scottie pippen……35 seconds but Stemler plays and refuses to shoot…..if nothing else Brandon is going to try at least one 360!

  • Bud Selig can do that plenty well enough on his own.

    I watched the game and was disgusted. Why you even think of being near someone when they're going for a lay up and you have a three point lead is beyond me. I thought these players had been coached in basketball.

  • No, it's still fun to root for them. We all love the team pretty much no matter how bad they're screwing up.

    It's just wise to watch them with a bucket nearby, so we can puke into it whenever necessary.

  • IndyHoosier

    Hey you're definitely right! I'm from Warsaw, and my little brother is on the team with Nic. That kid is sick! Definitely the best freshman in the state. Unfortunately, they lost their sectional yesterday, but Moore got his double digits. His attitude is getting better too. He's only going to get better, he”ll be in contention for Mr. Basketball in about 3 years for sure.

  • JamesHardy

    DUDE…that shit in number 2 was the first thing to make me laugh in like 8 hours! HILARIOUS!!! I've changed my mind…Menfis iz thu playce four Deshawn Thomas…not OSU! and your conspiracy theory has some serious validity!

  • JamesHardy

    DUDE…that shit in number 2 was the first thing to make me laugh in like 8 hours! HILARIOUS!!! I've changed my mind…Menfis iz thu playce four Deshawn Thomas…not OSU! and your conspiracy theory has some serious validity!

  • ray

    mcgee only had about 2 min of pt before that missed dunk in iowa too, so i can't blame him for wanting to get on the stat sheet with an open-look break-away…

  • ray

    mcgee only had about 2 min of pt before that missed dunk in iowa too, so i can't blame him for wanting to get on the stat sheet with an open-look break-away…

  • hahaha….good point.

  • hahaha….good point.

  • ray

    mcgee only had about 2 min of pt before that missed dunk in iowa too, so i can't blame him for wanting to get on the stat sheet with an open-look break-away…

  • hahaha….good point.