Five-star point guard Darius Garland sets announcement date

  • 11/10/2017 8:31 am in

Update: Darius Garland has changed his announcement to Monday at 2:45 p.m. CT, according to Evan Daniels. His father, Winston, confirmed those plans to Inside the Hall in a text message.

Class of 2018 Brentwood Academy (Tenn.) point guard Darius Garland has a date set to announce his college decision.

As first reported by Evan Daniels of Scout/247Sports, Garland will make an announcement on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 5:30 p.m. CT at his high school.

The scheduled announcement time for Garland comes at the same time as the tip-off for Indiana’s road game against Seton Hall in the Gavitt Games.

Garland, the No. 10 player nationally according to the 247Composite, took official visits to Vanderbilt, Indiana, Kentucky and UCLA.

Originally from Gary, Indiana, Garland moved to Nashville as a seventh grader. His father, Winston, played at Gary Roosevelt, Missouri State and in the NBA for five different teams.

Garland was one of two five-star recruits to visit Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria. The other was Romeo Langford, who is expected to trim his list to three schools on Saturday morning.

Garland is expected to sign his National Letter of Intent in the early signing period.

Indiana’s current four-man recruiting 2018 class is ranked No. 12 nationally by 247Sports.

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  • Larry Brown

    Devonte is looking like a future All-American. No biggie if we lose Darius

  • TIKO

    I was at HH and sat across from DG watched him all night. He was not into it at all and looked bored to tears. At one point he purposely covered his yawn with his hand. Spent most of his time looking down at his phone and no he was not posting moments of the night. The picture of him smiling is not representative of the night.
    My opinion based on what I saw and I hope I am wrong but no way does he choose IU.

  • yimyames

    That’s the same with every recruit at every HH. It’s exciting in the beginning then it’s just part of the visit. His Dad got chills and his mom was brought to tears when they walked him across the court. Not sure the rest of the night really matters, it was a practice.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Was just looking at 247 recruiting. They have DG going to either IU, UK, UCLA or Vandy. The prediction is Vandy with a 69% chance. IU a 12% chance and Duke 19% chance. Found that strange considering Duke is not in his top 4. Guess when predicting….NEVER…leave Duke out. Heck they got four 5 stars this year and is the only school not named UK to consistently land 5 stars every year.

    RL is another story as 247 says his final choices are IU, KU, UNC, UCLA and Vandy with IU predicted having an 80% chance of landing him with KU a distant 6%. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was pessimistic…..but I don’t know Archie very well. He may have the salesmenship to wrestle a 5 star away from the usual suspects. Both would be utopia. One would be great. But first things first……there is this year……………………….

  • TIKO

    I hope you are right but I watched him and Romeo very closely the entire night. Romeo was more engaged. Afterward my son and I walked around and got within 3 feet of Romeo, Darius G and Archie. Romeo was posing for pictures and like I said showed more interest. Hope you are right and I am wrong but I will be utterly shocked based on what I saw if Darius picks IU. Parents have a big sway in an 18 yr old kids life but parents usually let 18 yr olds make their choice unless its really going to hurt them. At least that is how I am with my 18 yr old son who was with me at HH. Loved Archie’s phone though, thing was huge. He looks very young in person. When we all started our first chant it was for Romeo and Darius’s buddies/family (one of which you can see behind him in the above picture) were all over Darius laughing and teasing him. Darius laughed as well. Apparently Darius thought he would be chanted first. Unfortunately the crowd only chanted Darius on two occasions that I recall and not nearly as loud as for Romeo. Romeo should definitely have felt the love.
    Well, hope I am wrong Darius would be a huge get.

  • TomEke

    There are 2 point guards ranked ahead of Darius Garland on 247 Sports — Tre Jones who committed to Duke and Immanuel Quickley who committed to Kentucky. You have to think Jones to Duke reduces the chances of Garland wanting to go there because a team only has so many minutes to go around.

    That being said, IU has Robert Phinisee coming to town that year. Robert isn’t ranked as highly, but he still plays Garland’s same position.

    Devonte Green, who I consider a solid point guard, will also be a junior that year. If you’re Darius Garland, maybe you see DG as competition for a spot on the court in your first, and possibly only year, with the program. If you’re Phinisee, maybe you see DG as someone you can both learn from and compete with in practice in your first 2 years with the program.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Inside The Hall fans, enjoy the game tonight. Regular season starts therefore no more nerve-racking lack of respect predictions for IU basketball. What a long off season this year and now let the real games begin. Go IU!!!!!?????

  • Tenacious Newt

    Simmer down! The kid moved to Nashville in middle school and it is more jumpin than Bloomington. And as far as everyone with the half-***** poetry, it’s creepier than the Slick Rick shuffle.

  • BeatDuke

    Just checked the score. IU down 18 at half? For those watching, what is going on? Particularly with the defenses?????

  • BeatDuke

    Oops, they are actually down 21 at the half. Gunna be a long year.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    bad d,,,,missed layups.

  • Fifer39

    IU very flat. State can’t miss from outside. DD the one bright spark but sat last 10 mins with 2 fouls. Long way back in this one.

  • ChitwoodIN

    Looks like we’ll be waiting for next year folks.
    Crean left IU with nothing but regular players….and then some.
    More power to ISU, my home town and 2nd favorite team. Hope they can continue this through the MO VAL. If not, that will tell is how bad this year will be for the Hoosiers.
    Sucks that I spent $10 to watch this #$%&@ game on my friggin phone.

    First amd last time.

  • Doug Wilson

    What the hell is everyone down about? Ya all act like you have never seen the Movie the Hoosiers… Remember how shitty Milan was at the start of their season? The team was used to playing run and gun basketball. The team had to adjust to a new system? Then bam! They kept getting better and better? As an IU fan, act like we have been here before. Let’s just sit back and watch the show build up. We Cub fans know what I am talking about. Suck isn’t so bad, as long as we know the team will improve.

    I loved the way IU was taken behind the wood shed from the start of the game. Yet Archie would not let them run down the court and throw up three’s. They still had to run their offence. Archie has got this! “Gotta have faith”. Or are we Illini fans?