• Ha! Same here. Didn’t even fill out a bracket. Now I’m all in.

    Also, go Big Ten.

  • lurkers gonna lurk

  • Man, I haven’t heard Woodson’s name in awhile. I have no idea if he’d be a good, bad, or indifferent pick.

    I think Stevens is entirely unrealistic and probably the least likely possibility. I think a lot of IU fans, myself included, are just enjoying the day dream.

  • only in your head.

    Wait, did you forget about me, or are you saying I’m one of him?

  • And sounding like he’s willing to spend some money to make it so. I read a story about a fan who wrote to an IU trustee this week with concerns about TC, and the trustee wrote back that “We’ll fix this.” That sounds like serious money talking…

  • it’ll work itself out gradually. I big burst today due to the news and start of the tournament, all together. The news will slow down soon and there won’t be too much to discuss. And then there will be little bursts here and there. Well, that’s being optimistic…as it could also be a very tumultuous off-season if a lot of players leave and it gets acrimonious. Hope not.

  • Michael Lewis

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    The thing with up an coming Coach I mean I love his style and he was a big reason Lville won that national title but is he ready for a place like IU? May be a little early. I hope he stays out of the Big 10 for selfish reasons. Greg Marshall is a great coach but the competition he faced isn’t BIG10 Talent year in and year out. USC’S same but he is at a big program right now.

  • pcantidote

    I don’t know, he is a highly competent attorney and politician. He talks like that for a living. He may have seemed genuine and transparent and for the most part probably was, but have no doubt, you heard exactly what he wanted you to hear.

  • pcantidote

    You know who you are.

  • pcantidote

    Except for that team to the north. They need to lose and lose soon.

  • technically, every team in the Big Ten is north of Bloomington.
    If you’re referring to another Indiana school, they just won.

    I silently refrain from cheering against them during the tournament. Tournament time is special, so I make a special exception for a few days each year because it helps the conference, which then helps IU. Obviously this isn’t usually much of a problem (not cheering against them), due to the fact that they rarely make the tournament and even when they do, they don’t last long.

  • IULore

    While I don’t know how everything will shake out, and I don’t know if this is the right move, I at least appreciate Glass having the integrity to acknowledge Coach Crean’s accomplishments and start off setting the sights very high in the coaching search. IU is elite.

  • Ha! That’s what you think!

  • Lance76

    Fife played defense= a plus. For some reason (just a guess) always thought that he might be in line for MSU when Izzo stepped down.

  • rob salway

    From what I’ve heard from “experts” is that he was not fond of a few things in the college profession including recruiting. Yeah it’d be awesome to have him and I haven’t completely given up on the pipe dream but I’d say there is probably about a 5% chance of landing him?

  • rob salway

    Him and possibly Donovan

  • rob salway

    That would kill recruiting and set the program back quite a bit

  • rob salway

    He’s proven that he is not very good at it. 3 Sweet 16’s in 22 years. We just fired a coach that went to 3 of them in 5 years. By that logic if we hire him he would need to be fired immediately upon arrival.

  • Well, if that bit about recruiting is true, then that would definitely be a detriment. Obviously, you want a coach that not only is good at recruiting but who wants to do it as part of building a team.

  • rob salway

    Marshall is a jerk. Great on court coach though. Given the end of the Knight era I’m not sure top notch a-hole is an avenue IU is wanting go back down. Google the video of him charging after the refs in an exhibition game in Canada.

  • Fifer39

    Brad Stevens at IU isn’t going to be the hardest sell to recruits!

  • Fifer39

    Agreed. Although he said he’s going to talk to lots of people, I reckon he’s got a pretty clear and pretty short list of who he wants and he’s going to pay the bucks to get them.

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