Film Session: Minnesota

  • 01/17/2016 1:38 pm in

A couple minutes later, Ferrell is at the top of the key and it’s now Thomas Bryant coming to set the ball screen:


Ferrell uses it and goes left. The Golden Gophers had been packing the paint to ward off the drive and we see Carlos Morris, who is guarding Nick Zeisloft, start to pay attention to Ferrell’s movement:


As he sinks into the lane to protect the paint, Zeisloft rotates to the top of the key and Ferrell whips him the pass. He’s got plenty of space between him and Morris:


Zeisloft connects on his fifth 3-pointer of the contest to give Indiana a two-point lead:


The Hoosiers had a bit of trouble countering Minnesota’s paint packing in the first half, but Ferrell and Zeisloft connected on a great play here.


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