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Site News: User blocking now available in the comments

  • Staff 06/17/2016 9:17 am  

One of the biggest challenges for those who moderate comments on Inside the Hall is the inevitable dustup that occurs between members of the community. Inside the Hall continues to grow as we approach the nine-year anniversary of our launch date as ...

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Register with Disqus, win a gift card to the Colts Grille

  • Staff 10/28/2011 12:19 pm  

We take great pride in our growing community of commenters at Inside the Hall. As many of you know, we use Disqus to power our discussion and our analytics tell us that 54% of you are using a Disqus account. ...

Site News: Hey, you, signup for a Disqus Profile

  • Staff 09/07/2010 2:41 pm  

One of the challenges of a booming community is moderating comments. By default, if you make a comment as a guest, your comment must first be filtered through a moderator before it appears on the site. This is done primarily ...

Tutorial: How to register and comment with Disqus

  • Staff 07/26/2008 12:52 pm  

We’ve had a few emails asking for better instructions on how to comment on the site, so we’ve written a short tutorial that we hope will help. Details after the jump.

Site news: Registration now required for comments

  • Staff 03/18/2008 10:15 pm  

As the Inside the Hall community continues to grow, it’s essential that we stay on top of moderation of comments. To this point, we’ve been fairly lenient on moderation of comments (and will continue to be), but there have been ...

Release the hounds: New commenting system

  • Staff 01/17/2008 3:08 pm  

Earlier this week, in our “Help us improve Inside the Hall” post, a good lot of you out there were clamoring for a message board or forum to get your Hoosier talk on. We’re still a bit hesitant to bust ...