Site news: Registration now required for comments

  • 03/18/2008 10:15 pm in

As the Inside the Hall community continues to grow, it’s essential that we stay on top of moderation of comments. To this point, we’ve been fairly lenient on moderation of comments (and will continue to be), but there have been instances where we’ve had to step in. Effective immediately, you’ll be required to sign up for a username with Disqus in order to post comments. Those of you who are already registered will not be affected by this change. Those of you aren’t registered, head on over to Disqus and register. You’ll be asked to provide a valid email address and create a username and password. If you have any questions or run into problems during registration, please contact us at [email protected].

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  • Skeletim

    Weak sauce

  • Luke24

    Good to see the site grow so much. Keep up the good guys!

  • hoosier2601


  • RobertSchell

    haha, what's with all the “weak” talk? If anything, it means that this site is on the up and up, and will continue to grow….unless, god forbid some of you have to take a minute out of your life to create a profile…..Echoing Luke24, Keep doing what you do guys! Love what you guys have done, so far!

  • Kelin Blab

    Hey it finally works for me after 10 years

  • kylehornsbyrules

    they should do it like, over there you actually register with the site itself

  • kylehornsbyrules

    but im totally down to register, not a big deal at all

  • Personal accounability in the internet age? You guys are crazy.

  • cough, sarcasm, cough.

  • i registered with disqus before it was cool to register with disqus.

  • Right now, that option is not made available with Disqus. However, I would expect as the software evolves, we'll be able to offer up the option.

  • Now it makes sense why I couldn't comment last night from home. I must have been trying to get on after the Bruce Pearl post and before this news came out.

    And, I'll fix that picture thing when I get home tonight.

  • That'd be it. Also, once you register and login, it should keep you logged in each time you visit the site.

  • Kelin Blab

    Has anyone noticed my Uwe Blab picture?


  • knasmiley

    I missed the sign up, says the group is FULL………………..

  • After we got 500 entries, Yahoo! locked the group. Sorry to anyone who was unable to join.

  • If anyone is having problems registering, make sure you're not using a space in your username or any weird characters.

  • garydavid711

    Bob McKillop has just been added to my wish list of Miller and Bennet. as the best coached teams I have seen.

  • garydavid711

    Bob McKillop has just been added to my wish list of Miller and Bennet. as the best coached teams I have seen.