Register with Disqus, win a gift card to the Colts Grille

  • 10/28/2011 12:19 pm in

We take great pride in our growing community of commenters at Inside the Hall. As many of you know, we use Disqus to power our discussion and our analytics tell us that 54% of you are using a Disqus account.

Our goal, however, is to drive that number much higher for a couple of reasons:

— Registered comments do not have to be moderated. That saves us time and eliminates the wait for your comment to display.
— Registered comments are posted in real-time. This will be important for the changes with in-game discussion we’re planning to implement.

Registration is completely free and only requires a valid email address. The process is simple: (1) Click Post As… (2) Navigate to the Disqus tab (3) Click ‘Register a new Disqus profile (4) Fill out the required information (username, e-mail and password) and click Register. That’s it.

You can also link up your Facebook or Twitter accounts and will be able to maintain the same posting alias while tracking old posts and likes. When you sign up for your Disqus profile you will be able to associate old comments you’ve made based on your e-mail address. Having more registered users should cut down on trolls and spammers while allowing registered users to build a reputation.

And now onto the prize described in the headline. If you register a profile and post a comment on this post, you’ll automatically be entered to win one of two $20 gift cards to the new Colts Grille in downtown Indianapolis. The Colts Grille is the official restaurant of the Indianapolis Colts and has 66 HD flat screen TVs, over 80 delicious menu items, 32 beers on draft, 32 bottled selections, 32 wines, and 32 unique specialty drinks and martinis.

This giveaway is open to new and existing users, as long as you comment on this post with a registered profile before Wednesday, November 2 at 7 p.m. (ET).

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