Film Session: Elon

  • 12/22/2022 8:26 am in

With the news Xavier Johnson won’t be back soon after surgery on his foot, all eyes turn to freshman Jalen Hood-Schifino at the point guard position.

So how did he fare setting up his teammates against Elon? While the Montverde Academy grad dished out seven assists, he also turned it over five times. Hood-Schifino’s turnover percentage of 24.9 is a number to keep an eye on as his time in the spotlight begins. His assist-to-turnover ratio currently sits at 1.43-to-1.

We’ll take a look at his successes and failures running the show in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here are Hood-Schifino’s seven assists. Four came entering the ball into the post, something he’ll certainly be called upon to continue to do in Indiana’s offense. Hood-Schifino also found Logan Dumcomb in ball-screen action, showing the patience we saw when he hooked up with Malik Reneau in an earlier Film Session.

Hood-Schifino also dished out two assists in transition, finding a cutting Miller Kopp on a nice pass for a lay-in and CJ Gunn for an alley-oop in the second half.

But Hood-Schifino also tried a lob to Race Thompson in transition in the first half that resulted in a turnover. Kopp is visibly frustrated afterward that he didn’t get the pass in the left corner where he was wide open and ready to shoot. Hood-Schifino turned it over another time in transition trying to find Kaleb Banks in the paint. A third transition turnover came when he tried to get a bit fancy and throw a pass behind his back to Kopp, which didn’t connect.

His other two turnovers came in the halfcourt. One was an errant pass off himself on the left wing, the other coming when he lost control of the ball dribbling in ball-screen action.

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