Film Session: Morehead State

  • 11/09/2022 8:00 am in

Freshman Jalen Hood-Schifino dished out four assists in Indiana’s win against Morehead State on Monday evening.

Beyond Hood-Schifino finding his former Montverde teammate Malik Reneau in the pick-and-roll, he was also instrumental in unlocking the 3-point shot for Indiana after the break. The freshman assisted on all three of IU’s 3-pointers in the second half.

We’ll take a look at each assist in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s the aforementioned pick-and-roll action between Indiana’s impact freshmen. As Reneau sets the ball screen for Hood-Schifino, Morehead State’s big switches onto Hood-Schifino; he’s not quite playing drop coverage. Hood-Schifino’s man recovers back to him and he’s then essentially double-teamed. No one has Reneau on the roll. The Eagles do implement a late weak-side tag on Reneau, but it’s half-hearted.

Hood-Schifino, despite being double-teamed, has the presence of mind to work up and around Morehead State’s big to make the pass to Reneau, who lays it in for two.

Really in control and high-level stuff from Hood-Schifino here.

In the second half, Indiana runs some pin-down action for Hood-Schifino, similar to what we highlighted in IU’s first exhibition game. But his man does a nice job of going over on the screen from Trayce Jackson-Davis and getting up in Hood-Schifino’s face, meaning he doesn’t have an opening to rise and fire on another mid-range jumper.

But with the Eagles deciding to double Jackson-Davis down low, Race Thompson is wide open on the left wing. Hood-Schifino makes the easy read here and passes to Thompson. Thompson knocks down the 3-pointer, though he did hesitate a bit before deciding to take the shot.

Jackson-Davis’ block starts the break for Indiana later in the second half. It lands in the hands of Tamar Bates and he dribbles up the middle of the court, flanked by Hood-Schifino on his left and Miller Kopp on his right. Bates makes the pass up ahead to Hood-Schifino. As that happens, Kopp starts moving down to the right corner to separate from the defense as Indiana has a 4-on-3 advantage.

Hood-Schifino does a nice job of recognizing Kopp and leading him away from the defense on the pass. Kopp knocks down the 3-pointer to put the Hoosiers up 17.

Here’s another block leading to a transition opportunity from the Hoosiers, this time by Reneau. The ball lands with Jordan Geronimo, but he passes to Reneau, who brings it up the left side of the court. Kopp and Hood-Schifino sprint up and fill the space on the right.

As Reneau gets to the left wing, Hood-Schifino signals for Reneau to get the ball to Kopp in the right corner. So Hood-Schifino moves to the top of the key and plays cut-off man, receiving the pass from Reneau and turning around to find Kopp, who hits his second 3-pointer of the half as the Hoosiers started to pull away.

Nice management from Hood-Schifino here to find the hot hand.

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