Film Session: Marian

  • 10/31/2022 7:41 am in

From the left side, Hood-Schifino passes to Thompson on the left block extended, cuts to the paint, curls around a pin-down screen from Reneau and pops back out near the left elbow to receive the pass back from Thompson. Hood-Schifino then rises and knocks down the jumper.

While the mid-range jumper is not the most efficient shot on the court, Hood-Schifino shines there nonetheless. As such, this likely won’t be the last time this season we’ll see a set run for him to get open for a mid-range shot.

Here, Gunn continually cuts back and forth on the right side to try and free himself as Logan Duncomb hangs tight on the right wing. Gunn is rewarded for his movement with the pass from Duncomb and he rises and fires to hit his second 3-pointer of the game later in the second half.

Simple stuff from Gunn here to help create space for an open look all by himself.

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