Film Session: Minnesota

  • 01/11/2022 8:19 am in

Indiana’s win against the Golden Gophers on Sunday afternoon was aided by some strong 3-point shooting in the first half by Xavier Johnson (2-of-4) and Rob Phinisee (4-of-8).

Johnson and Phinisee were pretty much dared to shoot from distance, as Minnesota’s perimeter defenders did just about everything else but guard them. They went under screens. Sagged off the perimeter. Digged at and double-teamed the post. They even zoned areas to ward off passes and bring extra attention down low.

A look back at the film also reveals a Minnesota team that was agnostic to whom was in the game or getting the ball. Be it Trayce Jackson-Davis, Race Thompson or Michael Durr, the same defensive tactics were used in the first half. It just didn’t work out the way Minnesota envisioned thanks to the confidence and hot hands of Johnson and Phinisee.

We’ll take a look at their six first-half makes in the latest edition of Film Session:

On this ball screen near the left elbow, Eric Curry falls back into drop coverage while Luke Loewe goes under the screen from Jackson-Davis. This means Johnson has no defender near him. He rises and his the 3-pointer:

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