Film Session: Minnesota

  • 01/11/2022 8:19 am in

Here we see Loewe zoning between Johnson on the right wing and Thompson down low on the block to try and ward off the pass. Johnson ends up passing to Thompson’s backside because he’s being fronted by Jamison Battle.

As the pass comes, Payton Willis completely leaves Phinisee at the top of the key to try and double Thompson. As the pass is batted around, Willis goes into scramble mode, following the ball from Thompson back to Johnson.

As Johnson swings the ball to Phinisee, who has moved to the left wing, Willis is too far away to recover back and even slows down as the shot goes up.

Notice too that Stephens decides to stay home on Trey Galloway in the left corner instead of helping on Phinisee, leading to a seriously open look he knocks home:

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