Film Session: Penn State

  • 01/04/2022 8:18 am in

While Indiana turned the ball over just six times (10.1 percent of its possessions) against Penn State on Sunday, a season-best performance, a look at each one reveals some of the problems with Indiana’s offense right now.

When Indiana’s guards and wings look to drive and make plays, it isn’t going great. Spacing, decision-making and ball control are at issue. And so instead of a dynamic free-flowing offense, the Hoosiers are back to relying on Trayce Jackson-Davis to shoulder too much of the offensive load out of the post, a predictable style of play its Big Ten opponents have seen before.

As Mike Woodson said on Monday night: “In college, you’ve got to have pick and roll play. We’ve been not very good in that area. That’s why we’ve kind of converted to posting up.”

We’ll take a look at Indiana’s problems when it puts the ball on the floor to drive through its six turnovers in the latest edition of Film Session:

Jackson-Davis actually committed Indiana’s first turnover, not a guard or wing. Still, it’s the same issue. As Jackson-Davis drives off the top of key, all five Penn State defenders shade into the paint and Jackson-Davis is stripped by Jalen Pickett from behind. The Center Grove product had just about all the rest of Indiana’s offensive players, most notably Parker Stewart (top of the key) and Miller Kopp (right wing), open on the perimeter.

But this one ends in a turnover.

This decision from TJD was one Woodson seemed to not like. Woodson pulled him from the game at the next stoppage of play (10:42) and he didn’t put him back in until the 5:35 mark, a rare five minutes of bench time in the first half against an opponent of this caliber for Jackson-Davis.

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