Film Session: Penn State

  • 01/04/2022 8:18 am in

Here Rob Phinisee gets a ball screen from Michael Durr and Jalanni White sits back in drop coverage. As Phinisee drives left, Race Thompson moves to the strong side in the paint and basically sets up shop directly in Phinisee’s driving lane.

And with Seth Lundy helping on Durr’s roll, there’s all of a sudden a very packed paint. Greg Lee leaves Thompson to guard Phinisee at the rim. So Phinisee tries passing above all the traffic out to Kopp at the top of the key, but it doesn’t work. Lundy picks off the pass.

Thompson’s move to the strong side here really gummed things up for Phinisee, leading to the turnover. He got up in the air and basically had nowhere to go.

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