Film Session: Wisconsin

  • 12/10/2021 7:46 am in

Off the Hepburn block, Indiana’s baseline out of bounds set again finds Thompson not guarded on the perimeter. So he sprints in and receives the passes in the right mid-post. Wahl jumps out to him and his shot attempt hits only the backboard.

Wahl appeared to get a piece of it and was credited with a block.

Things get a little crazy from here. The Hoosiers retain possession and run more high ball screen action with Johnson and Jackson-Davis. Johnson goes for a lob to Jackson-Davis that Chris Vogt is able to get his hands on.

Meanwhile, Stewart has moved to the right-wing and is wide open. Thompson catches the tipped pass and fires out to Stewart. (Notice too, that Leal, another strong 3-point shooter is wide open on the left wing.)

A wide-open look from Stewart is one of Indiana’s best options in its offense, one that could have put the Hoosiers up two with less than a minute to play here. But the shot doesn’t drop.

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