Film Session: Nebraska

  • 12/06/2021 8:21 am in

The Cornhuskers held Trayce Jackson-Davis to 14 points across 35 minutes of play on Saturday. It was the junior’s lowest scoring total in games he’s seen at least 26 minutes of action. (Jackson-Davis’ season-low is 11 points, coming against both Jackson State and Louisiana, both blowout games he saw limited playing time.)

Nebraska fronted Jackson-Davis and sent help back side in an effort to keep the ball out of his hands. If he was able to receive the ball, a double team came. And when the Hoosiers tried to swing the ball to the weak side, Nebraska did a great job of rotating and switching, making sure Indiana didn’t have open looks from deep off their doubles, if they hadn’t already turned Jackson-Davis over.

This defense knocked Indiana on its heels early and allowed the Cornhuskers to gain a 10-point advantage midway through the first half.

We’ll take a deeper look at Nebraska’s tactics early in the contest — as well as a counter Indiana ran on the first play of the second half — in the latest edition of Film Session:

Just over a minute into the game, Derrick Walker fronts Jackson-Davis and Bryce McGowens helps back side to ward off a pass over the top. From here, Indiana isn’t able to gain an advantage as this possession moves along. It ends with about the worst shot on the court, a contested long 2-pointer, one Parker Stewart misses.

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