Film Session: Michigan State

  • 03/04/2021 8:05 am in

As Thompson and Lander run the pick and roll up top, Bingham Jr. has Jackson-Davis fronted and hands on him:

Lander is stopped on the drive as Bingham Jr. continues to front Jackson-Davis:

The ball makes its way to the left side before coming back to Lander. Meanwhile Gabe Brown has moved off Trey Galloway to bring extra attention to Jackson-Davis:

Jackson-Davis comes up and sets the ball screen for Lander. Bingham Jr. initially hard hedges:

But sinks back after Henry fights over the screen and gets in front of Lander. Lander makes the pass to Jackson-Davis:

Jackson-Davis drives down the left side:

Langford again digs in off the corner as Henry moves into the paint:

As Jackson-Davis gets the shot up, it’s blocked by Bingham Jr.:

It hits just the side of the backboard:

Even when Jackson-Davis got some space and had some room to operate, Bingham Jr.’s length was a problem.


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