Film Session: Illinois

  • 03/03/2020 12:18 pm in

As Phinisee passes to Hunter in the corner, Durham sets up on a cross screen for Jackson-Davis:

Bezhanishvili fights through the screen as Jackson-Davis cuts through the paint:

Hunter makes the pass to Jackson-Davis:

As Jackson-Davis turns, Trent Frazier has come to double and Cockburn hangs nearby in the paint. So the freshman passes to Durham near the left low block:

Durham appears to have a clear shot ahead of him. But he seems to glance over and see Cockburn looming:

So he doesn’t even attempt the shot. Instead he dribbles the ball out to the perimeter:

And passes to Justin Smith:

Smith travels for the IU turnover:

Here a point blank shot at the rim turned into a turnover in the left corner, all because of Cockburn’s presence.


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