Film Session: Illinois

  • 03/03/2020 12:18 pm in

Jackson-Davis sets a screen for Devonte Green and he cuts along the baseline:

Green gets another screen from Joey Brunk and curls around. Durham makes the pass:

This frees Green to get into the paint. But as he begins to rise up for a shot attempt, here comes Cockburn off Brunk:

Green’s tactic? Bump into Cockburn’s body, draw contact and don’t shoot the ball as Cockburn is at his highest point:

So Green gets off his shot attempt as he’s about to come back down:

But it gets nowhere near the basket and Giorgi Bezhanishvili grabs the air ball:

Bezhanishvili outlets to Andres Feliz:

Feliz gets moving on Green and gets a shoulder in on him:

He’s able to get by Green and Joey Brunk on other side of the basket for the score:

While Green hit a similar take on Cockburn later in the half for one of the highlights of the contest, here all it did was result in two points for the Illini.


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