Film Session: Illinois

  • 03/03/2020 12:18 pm in

Jackson-Davis sets a screen for Phinisee to free him in the left corner. Green has the ball up top:

Green makes the pass to Phinisee:

Phinisee tosses it into Jackson-Davis on the left low block. Cockburn sits in the lane once again:

Jackson-Davis turns into the lane and Cockburn is ready to jump with him:

So Jackson-Davis decides against the shot attempt and turns back left. But this doesn’t help him at all. Feliz is able to stunt in. Bezhanishvili stays with him. And all Cockburn has to do is angle his body another way:

Jackson-Davis again has a shot up and over on his defender who stays on the floor, but Cockburn looms:

It’s another block out of bounds:

There was some chatter about Jackson-Davis not getting involved enough in the second half. But between this shot and the first play in this Film Session, four points were flat out erased by Cockburn.


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