Film Session: Iowa

  • 02/15/2020 8:08 am in

Evelyn drives off the left wing as Garza sets a down screen for Wieskamp near the free throw line:

But Smith fights through it well and Evelyn is unable to pass to Wieskamp:

Garza comes up to set a ball screen for Evelyn:

Davis hedges as Garza rolls. Trayce Jackson-Davis rotates to snag Garza, leaving Till open on the left wing:

As Davis rotates back to Garza, Evelyn makes the pass to Till. Jackson-Davis sprints out to recover:

Jackson-Davis gets caught leaning right, so Till takes the opportunity to drive on him the other way:

Armaan Franklin stunts in on the help but Till keeps moving:

As Till goes up for the lay-up, Jackson-Davis blocks the shot from behind:

It lands with Durham and he’s on the move up the court:

Durham passes to Franklin on the right wing:

Franklin drives in and finds Jackson-Davis:

Now the tables have turned. Jackson-Davis backs down Till:

He spins and tosses down a dunk as Till can only look on and watch:

Here even when the Hoosiers got beat, Jackson-Davis made up ground, got the block and then scored on the other end.


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