Film Session: Ohio State

  • 01/12/2020 10:17 am in

Late in the first half, Green passes to Hunter on the left wing:

Hunter initially looks to enter the ball to Joey Brunk:

But thinks better of it and passes it back up top to Rob Phinisee:

Brunk comes up and sets a back screen for Hunter and he cuts down to the left low block:

Phinisee passes the ball to Brunk as Hunter begins to set up on Muhammad:

With Kaleb Wesson not guarding Brunk on the perimeter, Hunter deals with both him and Muhammad on the entry:

Brunk clears to the other side of the floor. But Kaleb Wesson sits right on help and ball side because Hunter has the advantage on the smaller Muhammad. Hunter briefly loses the ball:

But he recovers and gets the shot up on Muhammad as Kaleb Wesson brings help. Muhammad fouls Hunter and he would make both shots at the line:

Hunter has mostly spent this season as a perimeter-oriented offensive player. But it’s clear he’s got some post skills and it seems here Indiana went to him with a size advantage.

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