Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2020 7:49 am in

Here are the Hoosiers in a familiar situation: Trying to find a big in the first couple seconds of their possession. But Brunk is fronted by Jalen Smith, so Armaan Franklin doesn’t make the pass:

Instead Indiana goes into identical action from what we saw in the first play of this Film Session  — a ball screen and cross screen on the left side of the court. Franklin takes Smith’s ball screen and Jerome Hunter sets the cross screen for Brunk:

Brunk jams up Wiggins giving Hunter more room on his cut to the left wing. Franklin has the ball up top as Morsell recovers back to Smith:

But Morsell sees Franklin moving left and opts against a full recovery to Smith. Instead he stops in his tracks and starts retreating back as Hunter hits the left wing and Wiggins is still in the paint:

Franklin keeps coming left and now Morsell moves into the passing lane:

There’s really no angle for a pass at this point, but Franklin tries to go around Morsell. It doesn’t work. He intercepts the pass:

Morsell comes down the right side of the court and finds Cowan:

Cowan passes it back to Morsell:

Franklin fouls him on his attempt, but Morsell is able to drop it in regardless. He hit the free throw after this to convert a 3-point play:

Franklin led the Hoosiers with three turnovers against Maryland. While he’s had his moments, particularly against Notre Dame, he’s still a freshman playing on the road in the Big Ten and it showed here.

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