Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2020 7:49 am in

Chol Marial gets the entry pass on the right low block:

De’Ron Davis blocks his shot attempt:

The ball lands short of the basket and Race Thompson is able to secure it for the Hoosiers:

As Thompson turns around, Al Durham is clearly headed up the court. It’s Rob Phinisee on his back side that’s coming for the outlet:

But Thompson opts to … pass the ball to absolutely no one. Phinisee puts his hands up in dismay:

Eric Ayala picks up the loose ball and Maryland has a four-on-two situation. Phinisee tries poking the ball away from behind Ayala as he drives by him:

Ayala tries an alley-oop to Ricky Lindo Jr., but it goes wrong — hitting the backboard:

The ball finds its way out to Serrel Smith Jr. off the miss, aided along by a tip out from Lindo Jr. Smith Jr. passes it to Anthony Cowan up top:

Cowan fires up the 3-pointer:

It misses, but the long rebound finds its way to Smith Jr. once again:

He passes it up top to Cowan for a second time. With the second long rebound of the possession, Indiana’s defense gets a little reconfigured. Instead of Phinisee on Cowan, he’s on Smith Jr., which puts Damezi Anderson on Cowan. Cowan smells blood in the water, pulling back and letting the shot clock run a bit:

Cowan goes to work and crosses Anderson over:

He hits Anderson with the stepback:

And bangs home the 3-pointer:

Bit of a weird outcome on this one, but it was all started by Thompson’s complete and utter lack of awareness.

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