Film Session: Arkansas

  • 12/30/2019 4:47 pm in

Here’s an offensive possession from the Hoosiers. Jackson-Davis comes to set a ball screen for Green with the Hoosiers down five with 1:37 to go:

Similar to Joe in the previous play, Green fakes taking the ball screen and re-directs the opposite way, leaving Joe in his dust. Jones is in the paint, giving Anderson space in the left corner:

Green gets into the paint and starts to get off the ground, meaning Jones is fully committing on the help. Anderson is ready in the left corner:

Green gets in the air and makes the pass around Jones. Anderson comes in a little off the corner, perhaps anticipating an offensive rebound opportunity:

Anderson backs up on the catch:

He’s got a wide open shot with Joe several feet away, but it doesn’t drop:

Against Notre Dame, Franklin stepped up and made big 3-pointers down the stretch. But here against Arkansas after the Hoosiers lost the lead, Indiana simply couldn’t convert even when it got a good look.

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