Film Session: Arkansas

  • 12/30/2019 4:47 pm in

Now down just one, Adrio Bailey comes to set a ball screen for Joe up top:

Joe leans left to take the ball screen, but re-directs right on Smith and gets the advantage:

Joe is ahead of Smith as Anderson and Green pinch in off the corners on the help:

Joe dishes to Whitt Jr. as Anderson stops the ball:

Jackson-Davis opts to come off the high post and here the Hoosiers are essentially triple-teaming the left low block for the second straight possession in this Film Session. That leaves Jones with a lot of space on the left wing:

Whitt Jr. makes the pass out as Franklin rotates over:

Jackson-Davis and Franklin are still on the ground as Jones gets the shot off. He connects to give Arkansas the lead for good:

More dribble penetration from the Razorbacks here leading to another 3-pointer.

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