Film Session: Troy

  • 11/18/2019 8:09 am in

With the game almost over, Nathan Childress sets a down screen for Anderson as Cooper Bybee dribbles right:

Anderson receives the ball on the right wing:

With the defense caught up to him, he passes back out to Bybee:

But he continues to work. Anderson rubs against Childress to try and lose Adams again:

Anderson then fakes back to the right:

Before coming across the lane and using another down screen from Davis. Davis is able to get his body on Adams and slow him down. Anderson cuts to the left elbow:

Bybee makes the pass:

With no help defense coming over and Adams still trying to recover, Anderson rises up with no one on him. This time the shot misses:

Unlike the first play of this Film Session where Anderson got to the elbow for the shot off just one screen, he really had to work for it this time. This time it resulted in a less-heavily defended shot, but it just didn’t drop for him.


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