Film Session: Troy

  • 11/18/2019 8:09 am in

Here Charles Norman calls out to set up in a three-two zone as Darian Adams instructs him to get out on Al Durham and the ball:

Durham then motions for Anderson to clear out of the right wing:

As the ball swings around the perimeter, Anderson moves to open space in the left corner — a vulnerable spot for Troy’s three-two setup. One player on its backline points out Anderson’s movement:

Green dribbles to the top of the key and flips to Durham. All three players on the top of Troy’s zone are ball watching:

Trayce Jackson-Davis sets a ball screen for Durham and he dribbles towards the left wing as Anderson starts to float back to the corner. The top of Troy’s zone continues to pay attention to the ball:

Durham makes the pass to Anderson as the backline of Troy’s zone calls it out:

But it doesn’t matter. Anderson’s got enough space to get the shot off before KJ Simon is able to get a hand in his face. He knocks it down:

Nice set from the Hoosiers here to get Anderson an open 3-pointer against Troy’s zone.


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