Film Session: Troy

  • 11/18/2019 8:09 am in

Anderson comes over the top of a ball screen:

Simon tries to hit the roll man, but the pass is a little too far and high:

Race Thompson grabs the loose ball and passes it ahead to Green. Anderson, as he’s supposed to do, heads down the side of the court he ended defense on — the left:

Green is across the timeline and looks to Jackson-Davis on his right. Anderson continues to come down the left side:

Green looks off Jackson-Davis as he gets to the top of the key and with the transition defense ahead of him on the elbows and in the paint, he’s got Anderson wide open to his left. He makes the pass:

Anderson fades down to the corner and gets the shot off once again before the defense is able to get a hand in his face:

This is about as simple as it gets for Indiana’s offense off a turnover in the first couple seconds of the possession. But it’s an outcome it’ll take every time.


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