Film Session: Ohio State

  • 03/16/2019 10:01 am in

With the Buckeyes up five, they call a timeout to set something up for the last play before half. Jackson dribbles down the clock and then dribbles to the middle and passes to Andre Wesson:

Wesson then passes to Woods on the left wing:

Wesson cuts through, but doesn’t set a true pick on Langford. Langford follows Woods as he drives right:

Langford is right on Woods as he gets to the right side of the court. Washington clears to the left side:

All four Ohio State players have cleared to the other side of the court to let Woods take Langford one-on-one:

He backs Langford down a bit and now there’s just 3.4 seconds left:

Smith swipes in to give a little help defense as Woods starts to fadeaway:

Langford plays him tight and gets a hand up on the shot. But it doesn’t matter, as Woods connects on the tough shot anyway:

These were the type of shots Woods was connecting on during the contest — tough shots at important times — to sink the Hoosiers.


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