Film Session: Central Arkansas

  • 12/21/2018 9:36 am in

Late in the contest with the game well in hand, Green grabs a rebound off a Central Arkansas missed 3-pointer:

Green brings it across half court. He spies Clifton Moore on the right wing and his big-play sense starts tingling:

Green accelerates his speed so that the Bear defender in the lane, Eddy Kayouloud, has to stop the ball, leaving Moore space behind him. Moore calls for the lob:

And then here we go. Green lobs it up with a one-hand flip:

It’s simply too far and too high from the rim for Moore to corral and slam home:

Turnover Indiana:

These are the types of plays that sometimes get Green in trouble. Where a more secure two-hand pass would have sufficed here, Green’s flashy one-hander just wasn’t accurate enough for Moore.


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