Film Session: Central Arkansas

  • 12/21/2018 9:36 am in

DeAndre Jones has the ball up top for the Bears as Green and Evan Fitzner linger:

Koval sets a screen on Green and Fitnzer switches onto him for a few dribbles:

As Fitzner is beat, Green speeds over to impede Jones:

But Jones is able to make a move left away from Green’s momentum and gets a step on him:

But Green is able to swipe in and get a hand on the ball for a steal from behind:

He’s off to the races:

He’s got some space for a 3-pointer he almost decides to take:

But he instead finds Langford near the top of the key:

Langford dribbles in and hits the long 2:

Nice hands and recovery from Green here to turn an advantage from the Bears into an advantage for the Hoosiers.


Continue to page 3 to see another Green steal:

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