Film Session: Butler

  • 12/17/2018 8:41 am in

Now into the second half and the Hoosiers down 10, Devonte Green inbounds the ball to Romeo Langford:

Langford dribbles up to the left wing and passes it to McRoberts up top. Morgan moves out of the lane towards the right corner:

McRoberts swings it to Green. Christian David, who has just entered the game, sits on the block and is giving a lot of space to Morgan:

As the pass comes to Morgan, he’s still got plenty of room:

Morgan sizes up the shot as David comes his way:

The ball is out of his hands before David’s feet are just barely off the ground. It connects to draw the Hoosiers within seven points:

Yet another look for Morgan where the Bulldogs barely gave him much thought.


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