Film Session: Duke

  • 11/29/2018 9:28 am in

Zach McRoberts hands the ball off to Smith on the left wing:

Smith comes to the top of the key as Evan Fitzner slips a ball screen:

He’s open and Smith passes to him over two Blue Devils:

But it’s high and Fitzner doesn’t move towards the hoop on the pass. Turnover IU:

On the ensuing Duke possession,  Jones passes to Reddish on the right wing:

Williamson comes up to the action. Fitzner highly anticipates a ball screen and hedges:

But Williamson slips and Fitzner is now seriously out of position leaning the wrong way:

The pass comes as Fitzner tries to recover:

Morgan isn’t able to get over fast enough for the help and Williamson scores at the cup:

This was one of Williamson’s nine scores in the first half and a number of them were easy looks like this. While Fitzner had a solid offensive game, his ball screen coverage here was poor, though this is also a tough matchup for him.


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