Film Session: Duke

  • 11/29/2018 9:28 am in

Phinisee barrels down the court on the break, draws the defense and finds an open Durham in the left corner:

Duke does a decent job of closing out on the shot:

It misses and the long rebound lands with Jones:

Jones comes down the left side of the court and starts to angle towards the middle. De’Ron Davis is heading through the top of the key as Durham is near Javin DeLaurier on the right wing. Jack White is unaccounted for as he comes down the right side of the court:

Jones makes the pass to White as Davis signals for somebody to get out on White:

Davis continues to point as Durham throws up a shrug. White steps into the shot:

And hits the uncontested 3-pointer:

Another example of some poor transition defense from the Hoosiers.


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