Film Session: Duke

  • 11/29/2018 9:28 am in

The Blue Devils set up in their trap once again and Phinisee makes it over the timeline with 21 seconds on the shot clock, barely avoiding a 10-second call:

Phinisee passes to Durham and Durham gives it right back. Meanwhile, Morgan is open in the left corner. An assistant on Duke’s bench calls it out:

Phinisee is now signaling for Durham to clear out so he can pass to Morgan:

Durham cuts through to the basket area to allow a passing lane. But there’s a problem now. Morgan is no longer open and Marques Bolden has him essentially fronted. This doesn’t stop Phinisee from making the pass, though:

Bolden deflects the ball:

Jones and Morgan give chase to it:

Morgan’s feet get tangled up with Jones and he’s called for a foul:

This was one of two early fouls for Morgan that meant he had to sit for a significant chunk of the first half. It’s one that could have been avoided if Phinisee didn’t make the risky pass.


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