Film Session: UC Davis

  • 11/24/2018 3:37 pm in

After Indiana played great defense for the first 22 seconds of this possession, the Aggies are running out of time. So they go back to an old faithful: A ball screen for Shorts on the ring wing:

Like Durham before him, Phinisee is conscious of taking away the baseline drive. Morgan shoots the gap:

With six seconds left, Shorts has Morgan and Phinisee in front of him and the rest of his teammates don’t have great spacing:

But he’s still able to blast through Phinisee and Justin Smith and the entire IU defense is near, leaving him some teammates open on the weak side:

Shorts passes out to Schneider on the left wing as Durham gives chase:

Smith has come over as well, leaving AJ John open up top. But with just three seconds left, Schneider only has one thing on his mind — getting off a shot:

Durham doesn’t fall for a shot fake and he’s all over him. Smith has recovered back to John:

Schneider hoists up a heavily-contested shot:

It doesn’t even hit the rim. Morgan recovers as the shot clock goes off. IU ball:

Just a heck of a defensive possession from the Hoosiers here.


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